Immigration At Top Of Voters’ Concerns (Denmark)

Immigration at top of voter concerns

The Copenhagen Post

A new poll shows that immigration and care services are the most important issues amongst voters

Immigration is by far the nations most important issue to voters, according to a new Rambll/Jyllands-Posten poll taken between 6-9 August.

Of the 1023 people questioned, over 25 percent responded that the governments immigration and integration policies were the issues most crucial to voters in a time when rumours of a coming election have been bandied about.

The issue was also number one just prior to the 2001 and 2005 elections.

Other principal issues for voters according to the poll were the health care system and climate change, both considered the primary issue for just under 10 percent of those questioned. Foreign policy was also important in wake of the countrys withdrawal from Iraq, being the fifth most important topic on the polls list.

Ironically, the most talked about issue in the news and by the government in recent weeks – taxes – was only considered to be most important by 1.9 percent of those polled. Perhaps just as ironically was that the issue of growing social and financial inequality among the population also scored low among voters, Denmark being a country typically considered as one that strives for parity.

When it came to the nations two largest parties -the ruling Liberals and the opposition Social Democrats – the Social Democrats were seen as being far better suited to deal with the social welfare system, but the Liberals received a slight edge on immigration policy.