Australia Looks To Tempt UK Nurses

Australia looks to tempt UK nurses

Nursing In Practice
Monday 20th August 2007

The Australian government has launched a charm offensive designed to get British nurses to pursue their careers down under.

Current gaps in the labour market have forced the country to relax its immigration policy, in a bid to attract more skilled migrant workers.

And nurses, doctors and dentists are among those professionals who are most in demand.

In a bid to bridge the knowledge gap, Australia has increased its immigration targets for the group from 97,000 to 102,500 for the year.

And from September, changes will be made to the points-based immigration system to encourage English-speakers to move to the country.

A total of 120 points gets an applicant fast-tracked through the migration process, and from next month an extra five points will be awarded to anyone passing an optional standardised English language test.

Chris Cook, spokesman for the Australian Visa Bureau, said: “The Australian government realises it is lacking workers in many professions which it desperately needs to fill, so the country is throwing its doors open to huge numbers of skilled and experienced British people.”

“The changes are directed at medical professions, IT workers and those in the trades, and making it easier for them to meet the minimum eligibility requirements.”