Liberal States Engaging In Anarchy For Illegals

Liberal States Engaging in Anarchy For Illegals
By Sher Zieve
Aug 20, 2007

Showing once again that the will of the American people and the laws of the United States of America mean less than nothing to them, liberals and leftists have found a viable way to accomplish their continuing planned destruction of Americawithout the pesky practice of including the voting electorate. They have declared and established sanctuary cities, where the rule of law is no longer practiced or even encouraged. In fact, if certain laws are followed, said law-followers are subject to firingif not arrest.

New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Cambridge, Baltimore and a growing number of other liberal and leftist-run cities have now been joined by the defiant pro-illegals faction in New Haven, Connecticut. And no one from the federal government appears to be doing anything whatsoever about these growing lawless and anarchistic hordes. In fact, as many members of the current administration seem to strongly support the illegals position, it is the illegals not US citizens who are given special considerations to not be required to uphold the laws of this country.

Note: When lawmakers and law enforcers refuse to adhere to and support the laws of a country, said countrys very existence will not long be an issue. Instead, it will fail and fall into the dusty pages of history as a once-was entry.

Due to the unchecked and growing revolutionary contingents within our midst getting away with all manner of law-breaking, the chances of the United States of America surviving as a nation has once again taken a very large step backwards. As an example, speaking of the recent New Haven succession from sanity, Immigration Attorney Susan Church said of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement): ICE is an agency that's under funded, that's irrational, that when they deal with immigration, they deal with it in an irrational and incompetent manner!

Because Ms. Church and others of her ilk believe that ICE is incompetent and irrational, they do not feel bound to uphold laws against the illegal multitudes entry into the USA. Thats their excuse and theyre sticking to it. Liberals believe and are now very vocal about it that if they dont like and dont agree with a law, they dont have to follow it. Even those in the legal community like Ms. Church seem to believe they can now disobey the laws of the land rather than working to change them.

Note: Ms. Church and her like-minded colleagues know full well that if they actually tried to change the law to allow illegals the same or greater rights than those afforded US citizens, the American people would rise up against them; just as they did to stop the Illegals Amnesty Bill. Cant have that, so these same lawbreakers established their sanctuary cities to both bypass the law and we-the-people.

As there have been no repercussions experienced by the pro-illegals lawbreakers, they have become increasingly comfortable with their defiance of the rule of law. These same criminals with increasing membership from our leftist legal community also encourage the illegals to break the laws of the USA and to demand rights previously afforded only to those who have legally earned US citizenship. No doubt this is what inspired illegal alien Elvira Arellano, who had been hiding in the sanctuary of a Chicago church for over a year, to leave for Los Angeles. As nothing is being done by authorities to adhere to her deportation order Ms. Arellano is a repeat illegal entry offender she feels comfortable coming out into the open and beginning her new career as an illegal speaker for the anti-US Open Borders cause.

Note: Dont forget. Without recognized and enforced borders, there can be no countries.

With an increasing number of lawbreakers being allowed to get off scot-free and we-the-people being prosecuted for upholding the laws of the land, can a new civil war be far away? Recently, I have been asked that question by a growing number of citizens.

One of our most revered presidents Abraham Lincoln, reminded us during his Gettysburg address that the US government was founded of the people, by the people and for the people. President Lincoln also commented that as long as this remained true, that government shall not perish from the Earth. When those who ignore the law are encouraged and those who maintain it are jailed as were USBP agents and a Texas Deputy Sheriff our government no longer adheres to these principles and the country is already in jeopardy of its survival; or has already died. Either we fight to continue our way of life or we submit to the worldwide terrorist groups of myriad persuasions that are fighting hard to end our way of life and our lives. At this juncture, we still have a choice. But, that choice may not exist for much longer.

Copyright by Sher Zieve