On Labour Day, Canadians Present Three Labours To Their Politicians

“On Labour Day, Canadians Present Three Labours To Their Politicians:

(1) Use Social Funds To End Homelessness, Etc.; Do Not Waste More Billions On Needless Immigration;

(2) Stop Health Care Abuse By 'Visa Mothers';

(3) Reverse A Charter Stranglehold On Parliament.”

All three items have been submitted to us by concerned citizens.


(1) Use Social Funds To End Homelessness, Etc.; Do Not Waste More Billions On Needless Immigration

This street sign is on Baldwin St. in Toronto, just west of McCaul: “PLEASE KEEP OUR STREETS CLEAN. OVER 818 PEOPLE HAVE TO SLEEP ON THEM”.

(Forwarded by a Canadian who lives in the Toronto area.)


(2) Stop Health Care Abuse By 'Visa Mothers'

A nurse who has worked in a Southern Ontario hospital for many years indicates that about 12 to 20 babies are born in this large hospital per night. Of those, about one per night is an immigration abuse case. Almost always, the women are East Indian (Pakistani or Indian). They often drive down from a nearby city where they are hosted by friends and they have no health card or Ontario ID. They have visitor's visas that have usually expired. They have no insurance.

It is common practice and well communicated by their local community to their friends back home that you should, when ready to have your baby, fly to Canada, have it for free and have your child instantly become a Canadian Citizen. Of course, the parents are then allowed to stay. When boarding the plane, they easily hide their pregnancy under their bulky saris/gowns.

What are we doing as Canadians to prevent this abuse? It makes me sick to hear of such abuse of our immigration, health care and citizenship systems. Do we know the real numbers?

(From a Canadian who lives in Southern Ontario)


(3) Reverse A Charter Stranglehold on Parliament


Not even the most rationally convincing arguments on immigration & refugee issues have been able to subdue the passionate backlash that, in Canada, has dogged all efforts to reform a system that has been hijacked by and become the territorial preserve of a self-servingly lucrative domestic immigration industry of refugee lawyers, politically appointed IRB judges and the demographic dictates of electoral politics.

All anxious handwringing and righteous political posturing to the contrary, as long as Ottawa's political mindset stubbornly opposes the notion of real reform of the Western world's most generous and porous refugee system, by hiding behind the universality of Canada's sacro-sanct Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we will indeed remain “the land of trusting fools”, as put so aptly a while ago by a Russian security official.

Unique among such charters in Western democracies, its wording resulted in the Supreme Court's 5:4 “Singh Decision” in 1985 which forever changed the 1976 Immigration Act. It made the Canadian Charter UNIVERSAL by extending full civil rights to any and all non-residents who had set foot on sovereign national soil, opening a veritable Pandora's Box of refugee and immigration abuse and resulting in endless litigation and appeals and a virtual inability to effectively and expeditiously deal with undesirables freely flocking to our shores ….. including, as some time ago reported by the Auditor-General, losing track of some 36,000 deportees.

By enabling Canada's immigration industry to virtually guarantee their “clients”, once delivered to Canadian soil the protection of the Charter, the unrestricted universality of Canada's Charter remains a veritable boon to a growing industry of “people smugglers” and continues to serve as a powerful magnet to all comers.

To this day, the forces of all-party electoral ethno-politics have dogged all efforts to reform a system that, courtesy of the Charter, has turned us into a willing doormat for all those bent on taking advantage of our self-imposed “impotence” to protect the security and integrity of our borders.

(From E.W. Bopp who lives in Metro-Vancouver)