Somali Refugees In Uganda Appeal To Denmark

Somali refugees in Uganda appeal to Denmark

by Godfrey Maganda
Garowe Online staff reporter
Sept 4, 2007 – 10:44:28 AM

KAMPALA, Uganda Sep 4 (Garowe Online) – Somali refugees living in Uganda have appealed the Danish government to consider them for resettling in Denmark.

The Somali immigrants were reacting to information that the Danish government has granted residency permits to 98 refugees from the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, two conflict-ridden countries in Africa.

The Sudanese and Congolese persons granted the permits have been living in Uganda just like the Somali refugees.

The 98 refugees, comprising of men, women and children, are expected to fly to Denmark within the next month.

Mohamed Abbas, one of the leaders of the Somali community in Kampala, said he “wonders” why only the Sudanese and Congolese have been considered for permits in Denmark.

“Some of us also want to live in Denmark. We are also refugeesWe request the Denmark government to also consider us in future.”

While visiting the Congolese and Sudanese refugees yesterday, Danish Immigration Minister Rikke Hvilshoj said: “We have selected ninety-eight refugees from Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo that have been given residence permits in Denmark. This was after UNHCR told us that these people needed to be resettled.”

She said on arrival in Denmark, the refugees will be given a home, economic support and free education in the Danish language before being introduced to the labor market.

Hvilshoj said Denmark, with a population of five million people, gives out 500 resident permits to refugees every year. She said refugee children from the age of six years have to attend compulsory education for ten years under Danish law.

Source: Garowe Online