VDAB Visits Unemployed Minorities

VDAB visits unemployed minorities

Expatica News
24 October 2007

BRUSSELS The Flemish jobs agency VDAB wants to visit unemployed people of immigrant background at home in an effort to offer them jobs. Starting in November employment agents will start making house calls.

The number of unemployed minorities is decreasing, but the VDAB wants to make extra efforts to help unskilled immigrants find work. One in six unemployed people is of ethnic background.

“The VDAB is focusing this campaign on neighbourhoods with high numbers of unskilled, unemployed minorities,” says Nancy Vercammen of the VDAB.

“The target group is very difficult to reach and that is why we have decided to go to them and personally invite them.”

The VDAB will start making house calls in Antwerp, then in Ghent and other cities.

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