Police Find 23 Iraqis Crammed Into Vehicle On Danish Border

Police find 23 Iraqis crammed into vehicle on Danish border

Expatica News
26 October 2007

Jarplund-Weding (dpa) – A small van with 23 illegal Iraqi refugees crammed into it has been found on the German-Danish border, police said Friday.

German police detained the refugees, aged 17 to 30, after a pursuit in which their vehicle left the road and became stuck in a field on Thursday evening.

The passengers were unhurt and attempted to flee, but were captured by the police, along with one of the men believed to be assisting them on their journey.

Police said they were using an infra-red camera to look for the driver of the van, who had escaped.

The Iraqis were apparently on their way to Sweden, where the deportation rules are regarded as liberal.