U.S. Official Says Idea Of Security Fence At Canadian Border Isn’t Dead

U.S. official says idea of security fence at Canadian border isn't dead

The Canadian Press
October 26, 2007

WASHINGTON – An American official has said that the United States hasn't totally given up the idea of building security fences along the Canadian border.

Gregory Giddens, executive director of the Secure Border Initiative at the Homeland Security Department, made the remark earlier this week at a committee hearing on Capitol Hill.

There's a fence going up in Arizona to cut down on illegal immigration from Mexico. Some American legislators are anxious to prove to voters that they're not penalizing Mexico over Canada when it comes to security measures.

Democrat Bill Pascrell of New Jersey asked Giddens if he's given up on idea of a fence on the northern border – one that hasn't been taken seriously by most. “Are we afraid that we're going to embarrass or insult our northern neighbours, unlike Mexico?” Pascrell asked.

“No sir,” says Giddens. “We have not eliminated options on the northern border.”

Last month, several U.S. senators demanded security upgrades at the border with Canada and claimed it would be easy for terrorists to bring in bombs.

The United States has been planning to increase border agents in the north and deploy more technology, like satellites, cameras and planes.