Canada Rebuffs 2 U.S. Deserters

Canada Rebuffs 2 U.S. Deserters

Published: November 16, 2007

OTTAWA, Nov. 15 Two United States Army deserters now face being ejected from Canada after the Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday that it would not hear an appeal of their unsuccessful claims for refugee status.

The two men, Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey, came to Canada and applied for refugee status in 2004 after learning that they would be deployed to Iraq.

At an immigration hearing in 2005, Mr. Hinzman, a paratrooper in the Army from Rapid City, S.D., said he opposed the war on moral grounds and contended that the United States military actions in Iraq violated international laws. Mr. Hughey, from San Angelo, Tex., also had a hearing in 2005.

Both men face court-martial hearings and possible imprisonment if they are returned to the United States.

The court decision means that they will be able to stay in Canada only if they can obtain a special permit from Canada immigration minister, a remote prospect.