Illegal P.N.G. (Papua New Guinea) Immigrants To Be Deported

Illegal PNG immigrants to be deported

The Age
November 28, 2007 – 7:29AM

Papua New Guineans living illegally on some of Australia's most remote territory will be flushed out by federal officers targeting the Torres Strait.

Torres Strait community leaders held emergency meetings with immigration officials last week to discuss concerns of an increased number of people arriving from PNG, News Ltd reports.

The leaders allegedly sought a guarantee to have the illegal residents deported, however an immigration spokesman refused to discuss the issue.

“The department has held recent meetings with councils in the Torres Strait,” the spokesman told The Australian newspaper.

“However, we will not discuss operational details.”

Thursday Island Mayor Pedro Stephen said communities including Saibai, Boigu, Iama, Masig, Dauan, Erub and Badu islands were in danger of being annexed by PNG because of the large number of illegal arrivals.

On Saibai Island, some 300 illegal immigrants from PNG are reported to have become long-term residents, straining resources and exhausting water supplies.