Republic of Ireland Launches New Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Republic of Ireland launches new automated Fingerprint Identification System
4 Dec 2007 – 07:30 am

The Republic of Ireland has launched the first phase of its new Automated Fingerprint Identification System for An Garda Siochana and the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).

The successful delivery of the initial phase sees the installation of electronic fingerprint capture equipment called LiveScan units at the Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner. This allows for the capture and exchange of fingerprint data on persons seeking asylum with the central EU fingerprint database – EURODAC.

Subsequent phases, which will be delivered during 2008, will provide for the capture and storing of a person's fingerprints upon registration by the Garda National Immigration Bureau and also provide Garda Immigration authorities with the ability to capture and store prints at ports of entry including sea and air ports. Full integration of the new system with the Garda PULSE system and GNIB Information system will also be delivered in 2008.

The system is one of a number of Motorola biometrics solutions to have gone live in the second half of 2007. Motorola has also delivered biometric visa solutions including biometric border checks for Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the UK as part of the European Union's BIODEVII project.

Motorola has also developed and begun supplying its Bio-Enrol Kiosks, which capture three different biometrics (face, finger and signature) to support the incorporation of biometrics into Norwegian e-passports and Schengen visas for use in Norway and around the world.