12 New Year’s Resolutions That Canadians Would Like To Hear

12 New Year's Resolutions That Canadians Would Like To Hear

(1) For Our Entire Federal Government: “We will use the embarrassing experience at Bali to focus on a responsible environmental strategy for Canada. This means exerting pressure to see that the Alberta Oils Sands project abides by sound environmental standards and serves the long-term interests of Canada. It also means stabilizing Canada's population by significantly reducing immigration. Legal, illegal and temporary immigration probably total around 500,000 per year.”

(2) For Many In Our Media (particularly our CBC) : “We will research not just the simplistic single person refugee/immigrant stories, but also the more complicated bigger immigration picture (especially the question: Why are we bringing in so many people?). We will develop the courage to write honestly about it, not merely repeat what the immigration industry tells us. Two weeks ago during the Bali conference, we promoted the idea that Canada should be enacting responsible environmental policies. The next week, we cheer-led the fact that our population had increased to over 33 million, implying that (a) increasing our country's population is an achievement, (b) we should be proud of the recent colonization of Canada and (c) there is no contradiction between increasing population levels and responsible environmental policies. We confess we were wrong and we will make amends.”

(3) For the leaders of The Conservative Party, The Liberal Party, The Bloc Quebecois and the NDP + for our Minister of Immigration : “We will recognize that our main job is to act in the interests of Canada. This means standing up for the cultural, environmental, and economic good of the majority of the people here, not the interests of a recently-arrived minority. Most importantly, it also means that maintaining high immigration levels in order for us to compete for the recent immigrant vote is an immoral act and a betrayal of Canada.”

(4) For The Bouchard-Taylor Commission: “We recognize that the people of Quebec are justified in thinking that high immigration numbers are a threat to Quebec. We will tell the Quebec politically-correct that they are incorrect. We will recommend that the Quebec government pressure the federal government to lower immigration levels. We will also recommend that the Quebec government advise the federal government to establish a commission to investigate the effects of high immigration levels on the rest of Canada.”

(5) For Our Minister Of Human Resources and Development: “I will admit to myself and to my colleagues that I am no longer Canada's Minister of Immigration and that I should not be rubber-stamping every employer application for unnecessary temporary foreign workers (now up to 170,000 per year), a programme that has turned into yet another immigration door into Canada.”

(6) For Our Minister In Charge of the Canadian Border Services Agency: “I will do whatever I can to break the well-established pattern of immigration fraud and abuse of our borders. I will not give in to mobs or the threats of mobs.”

(7) For Premier Jean Charest (and other Premiers to whom this applies): “I promise to make sure that every one of our Homeless or Under-housed Senior folk are placed in our government subsidized apartments, before one more wealthy Permanent Resident Senior falsely claims Social Welfare and becomes entitled to virtually-free Seniors' housing.”

(8) For Premier Gordon Campbell (and other premiers to whom this applies) : ” We will admit that our recently-announced goal of dramatically reducing our province's GHG's by 2020 is impossible as long as our population is increasing. We will exert pressure to stop the increase.” (According to veteran environment reporter Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail: “In 1990 there were approximately 3 million people in B.C. The current count is 4.3 million and by 2015 the province is expected to pass 5 million.”)

(9) For All Environmental Groups And Their Leaders (D. Suzuki, E. May, and others) : “We admit that high immigration levels are a significant contributor to increasing GHG levels and that continued high immigration will negate all our efforts to ever reduce GHG levels. We confess that we have been wrong and we will make amends.”

(10) For All Multiculturalists and Diversity Promoters: “We will confess that we never expected to dupe so many people into believing that multiculturalism and diversity should become national goals. We will try to rectify the damage we have done.”

(11) For Our Municipal Politicians: “We recognize that high immigration pays no attention to the environmental limits of our cities and that it is re-creating in Canada the disastrous environments of the places where many of our most recent immigrants originated. Measures such as Smart Growth and densification are complete frauds. We simply don't need more people. We will speak up against federal immigration policies.”

(12) For Our School Boards: “We will ask our schools to encourage critical thinking on the immigration issue. We will promote student investigation of why Canada has such high immigration levels. We will recognize that textbook portraits of a number of historical events such as the Chinese Head Tax are inaccurate and that these portraits are intended to induce guilt and to perpetuate corrupt immigration levels. The truth will set us and our students free from the propaganda they have been fed. ”