Closer Indonesia Immigration Ties Brokered

Closer Indonesia Immigration Ties Brokered

The Australian
January 17, 2008

AUSTRALIA and Indonesia have agreed on a number of initiatives to strengthen immigration cooperation between the two countries.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans met Indonesia's Minister of Law and Human Rights Andi Mattalatta in Jakarta today.

Among the initiatives announced by the pair, Indonesian airport officers will receive English-language training.

In addition, a native English-language speaker from Australia will be placed at Indonesia's Ministry for Law and Human Rights training academy.

A program will be launched to improve immigration data analysis and reporting.

The ministers also affirmed in a joint statement that Indonesia and Australia would continue, together and with other countries in the region, to strengthen their borders against people smuggling, terrorism and other forms of transnational crime.

They agreed senior officials from the two countries would meet early this year to consider ways to strengthen immigration cooperation to prevent irregular movement in the region, while facilitating the safe and secure movement of lawful travellers.