France Adds A Non-European Paris Every Six Years

France Adds a Non-European Paris Every Six Years

From the desk of The Brussels Journal
Thu, 2008-01-24 16:39

A quote from Grard Pince at his blog, 15 January 2008 [English translation here]

[T]he number of immigrants arriving [in France] from countries outside of the European Union has already gone from 153,000 in 1999 to 251,000 in 2005. The illegals estimated at about 100,000 can be added to these official figures. One can therefore assume that about 350,000 entered French territory in 2005, which in six years is the equivalent of the population of Paris. As far as the contribution of this migratory influx is concerned, let us just quote from our Economic Report on Immigration: Six out of ten persons from foreign countries of working age are idle. The deficit in public funds attributable to this population reaches 48 billion euros, or 80% of the total deficit recorded in 2004.