Ad: Immigration Costs Blacks Jobs

Ad: Immigration Costs Blacks Jobs

WGCL TV Atlanta
POSTED: 4:54 pm EST February 18, 2008
UPDATED: 6:25 pm EST February 18, 2008

ATLANTA — A provocative new immigration advertisement just hit Atlantas airwaves.

The ad links black unemployment with the rise in illegal immigration. The Coalition for the Future American Worker paid for the spots.

Latino advocates like the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Funds Elise Shore are concerned that making a direct link between immigrants and black unemployment is stoking the fire of racial divide.

Department of Labor unemployment rates from January show that black unemployment is highest at 9.2 percent, compared to whites and Hispanics.

A pro-American employment group called Numbers USA is also contributing to the ad.

A spokesperson said that the goal is to highlight the economic struggle among black men. They wanted to roll out the campaign during Black History Month.