More Than 100 Foreign Criminals And Illegals ‘Bounced Back’ To Britain After Deportation

More than 100 foreign criminals and illegals 'bounced back' to Britain after deportation

Daily Mail
Last updated at 15:48pm on 19th February 2008

The Government today admitted foreign criminals and illegal immigrants are being refused entry by the country they are returned to after being deported from the UK.

But the Border and Immigration Agency said it is a “tiny percentage” of the total.

The agency insisted that it ensures that foreign nationals have the correct documents when it deports them and said it is “successfully removing record numbers of people from the UK”.

But some countries have turned back criminals and illegal immigrants who have been deported from the UK because of paperwork problems.

A spokesman for the agency said: “We ensure those returning have all of the appropriate documentation required to secure entry to their home country prior to removal.

“We believe the number of individuals refused entry on return is a tiny percentage of the total number of individuals we remove from the UK each year.”

In 2007, more than 4,200 foreign national prisoners were deported, the agency said.

“By working closely with foreign governments, we are ensuring the removal of even greater numbers of illegal immigrants,” the spokesman said.

“The message is clear that if you break our rules, we will take action.”