It’s Quite Sad To See Canada Rejecting Its Christian Roots

It's quite sad to see Canada rejecting its Christian roots

Ken Robertson
Chatham Daily News
February 29, 2009

Sir: We recently passed the Christmas season where in Canada as well as other Christian-based countries it is becoming increasingly offensive to say “Merry Christmas.”

Now our premier says, “It is time to move beyond the daily recitation of The Lord's Prayer in the Ontario legislature to a more inclusive approach.” He is worried that people of other faiths will be offended.

When people are given the chance to immigrate, their overwhelming top picks are the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia. It is no coincidence that these four countries have used Christian-based principles to form laws which govern their lands.

The facts are that when a country does this it has human rights and economic conditions that are so much ahead of countries that have other religions at the forefronts.

In the Bible, Deuteronomy, Chapter 28, God makes it very plain that there are blessings for obedience to Him to curses for failure to follow Him and His ways.

I believe these four countries are so blessed because in them there has been enough people following the Christian faith and God has therefore blessed the work of their hands which has in turn blessed the country as a whole.

I am in favour of immigration. God calls Christians to help others and we do have the means to help some get out of the extreme poverty and dictatorships that their countries are in.

But there is a big difference in helping and then adopting their religious ways into the fabric of our country. In a lot of these countries, their religion dominates the culture. Has this brought blessings or curses?

The U.S. is removing 10 commandments from courtrooms; Canada has been removing Christian prayer from schools and how Dalton McGuinty wants to remove Christian influence even more.

I end with a question . . . If Canadians keep putting aside the Christian faith and take on the beliefs of other countries, will we not over time end up with the same results as the other countries have ended up with?