Obligatory Sex Ed For Immigrant Girls

Obligatory Sex Ed for Immigrant Girls

Jan Bjrklund and Nyamko Sabuni
Radio Sweden News
March 6, 2008

A new proposal from the Swedish government wants to make it compulsory for girls from an immigrant background to take part in sex education.

The plans were published in a debate article in Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, and are written by three representatives for the Liberal Party; Education Minister, Jan Bjrklund, Integration and Gender Equality Minister, Nyamko Sabuni, and the Party Secretary, Erik Ullenhag.

The proposal wants to abolish the right to exemption from sport and sex education lessons on religious and cultural grounds. According to the current curriculum pupils should leave school with a good knowledge of biology, contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

Research shows that every fourth girl from a foreign background does not take part in these lessons in school and therefore misses out on an important part of their education.

However, the Liberals proposal has met with some opposition from other parties. Even some in their own party say there is a risk the girls will find themselves trapped in an impossible situation between the school and their parents.