MP Demands Review Of Immigration Rules

MP demands review of immigration rules

By Lucy Tatchell
Worcester News
March 20, 2008

A WORCESTERSHIRE MP has demanded a review of immigration rules after it was revealed Joao De Oliveira had killed before he moved to Worcester.

A jury at Worcester Crown Court this week took just 90 minutes to convict De Oliveira of John Lloyd's murder. He will serve at least 25 years in jail before being considered for release.

During the trial it was revealed De Oliveira had served four years in prison for killing a 30-year-old woman who he strangled, suffocated with a pillow and reined blows to her jaw, eye-socket and temple.

He dumped her naked body in a bath, and when he returned several hours later the woman was dead. Renate Jennerbach had died after inhaling her own blood while unconscious. Half German and half Portuguese De Oliveira was served a deportation order upon leaving prison after serving two thirds of his sentence.

Unable to stay in Germany, he found a safe haven in England in June 2004.

Yesterday, Worcester MP Mike Foster defended the immigration system, saying it was no different to someone committing a serious crime in Liverpool and moving to Worcester.

MP for Mid Worcestershire Peter Luff said: “In cases like that the deportation order should be back to his country of origin. He should not have been free to wander around Europe.

“There should be a system for recording people who are found guilty of such serious offences.

“A review is needed and I hope the Department for Justice looks at the lessons of this case.”

Mr Lloyd's sister, 59-year-old Linda Rimell, of Pershore, said: “I cannot believe he was even let out of the country, it should not have happened.”

Commenting on your Worcester News's website Indignant, from Worcester, said: “Known criminals should never be allowed into this country under any circumstances.

Stan Parr, from Pershore, wrote: “We now get to look after this chap for 25 years – at 3,000 per week to us the taxpayer.”

West Mercia Police were not aware of his previous convictions and declined to comment.