Life As An Illegal Immigrant

Life as an illegal immigrant

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(Hours of secret film was recorded inside fauji houses—Google Headline to listen to BBC interviews with Punjabi Illegal Immigrants)

Migrant criminal network exposed

What is it like to live and work as an illegal immigrant in the UK?

A team of BBC News reporters spent months undercover trying to find out and exposed a network of criminality that involves and feeds on hundreds of young, male Punjabis living illegally in Southall, west London.

These men – who call themselves fauji, a Punjabi term for army foot soldiers – are surrounded by forgers, criminals and ruthless employers.

BBC News Special correspondent Richard Bilton talked to Mohammed, one of the undercover team, about what they found.


This contains secret filming

A network of criminality in one of the UK's largest illegal immigrant communities has been exposed by an undercover BBC News investigation.

Undercover reporter Mohammed tells Richard Bilton about the conditions in which the faujis live.
Life as an illegal immigrant


Who are the faujis?(03.22)
Return to a fauji house(01.43)
Fauji jobs(02.34)
Migrant criminal network exposed
Illegal immigrant 'Vicki' exposed(02.57)