Probe Illegal Immigration, Tells NRI MP To UK Gov’t

Probe illegal immigration, tells NRI MP to UK govt

Posted online: Thursday , July 17, 2008 at 09:33:39
Updated: Thursday , July 17, 2008 at 09:33:39

London, July 17: Leading NRI MP Virender Sharma on Thursday demanded stringent action against gangs involved in abetting illegal immigration from the Indian state of Punjab to the UK, following a BBC exposure on the issue.

An undercover operation by BBC claimed to have exposed a London-based criminal network that used fake passports, identity documents and human carriers to bring in illegal migrants, mostly from Punjab.

The problem seems to be at both ends and the Indian and British Governments need to take coordinated action and touts indulging in these should be punished severely, Sharma said, asking British and Indian authorities to probe the case.

BBC had cited in its report, a network of criminals that involves and feeds on hundreds of young male Punjabis living illegally in Southall, west London.

The illegal immigrants who were brought on the back of lorries were housed in about 40 safe houses in Southall, the report claimed.

The BBC exposure comes days after Britain announced sweeping changes in the immigration system.

Under the new system announced on July 14, foreigners committing serious offences in the UK would face automatic deportation and even minor offences would result in delay in access to citizenship.

Under the new immigration system, business houses engaging illegal immigrants face an instant fine of 10,000 pounds and even cancellation of licence.