Voters Supported Immigration Halt In 2006

Voters supported immigration halt in 2006
Wednesday 13 August 2008

Between 35% and 40% of mainstream political party supporters supported a total ban on Muslim immigration at the 2006 election, according to a new report by the national statistics office CBS.

Some 74% of people who voted for Geert Wilders' anti-immigration PVV backed a ban as did 5% of GroenLinks voters, the CBS says.

The report on voters views in advance of the November 2006 general election also shows there was little public support for an end to mortgage tax relief or suggestions that social security provisions be reduced to pay for a tax cut.

It also shows growing cynicism with politics. Some 42% of the voters in 2006 felt that ministers were looking after their own interests, compared with 32% of voters 30 years ago. And 93% thought that politicians promised more than they could deliver, up from 79% in 1977.