Fewer Danes Migrate To Sweden

Fewer Danes migrate to Sweden

Published: 14 Aug 08 17:56 CET
Online: http://www.thelocal.se/13706/

The number of people moving from Denmark to Skne in southern Sweden has more than halved over the last year, according to new figures from Statistics Sweden.

The first half of 2008 saw a net migration figure of 556 people making the move across the resund Bridge, compared to 1,209 people for the same period last year.

Malm, the largest city in Skne, has also noticed a change with 325 people making the move from January to June this year compared to 301 for the same period in 2007.

The head of the resund Institue, Anders Olshov, noted that there was a clear correlation between migration flows and price trends on the real estate markets in the respective countries.

While prices have fallen on both sides of the Sound, the drop has been considerably more precipitous on the Danish side.

But the difference in housing prices between the two countries is still of such a magnitude that a move to Sweden could be financially advantageous for Danes considering a change of scenery.

Net migration from Denmark to the Skne region has reached a total of 14,185 people since the resund Bridge opened in 2000.

The flow of migrants reached its peak in 2006 when 2,972 people deserted Denmark for Swedish shores.

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