Sponger’s Guide For UK Poles


Published: 22 Aug 2008

A SCROUNGERS guide giving tips to Poles on how to cheat their way through Britain was branded an outrage by MPs last night.

The dossier details how to dodge electricity bills, rent flats for free and pay no tax.

It also encourages Poles living in the UK to swindle insurance companies because laws are too soft.

The cheats charter published in a Polish magazine was compiled after researching the most successful scams with Poles already living in Britain.

Cheats have even infiltrated businesses like mobile phone shops so they can advise countrymen on how best to swindle them.

One expert dodger said: Once youve cheated the Communist government and the Iron Curtain and the Soviet states, running rings around British Gas is childs play.

The publication of the charter sparked outrage among MPs and anti-immigration campaigners.

Migrationwatch UK chairman Sir Andrew Green said: Its appalling that a Polish magazine should encourage corrupt practices. The silver lining is that this strengthens the case for ID cards because then we could stamp out these petty thieves and their scams.

Those Poles who come here to cheat do no favours to their countrymen who have developed a good reputation in this country. The grave danger is that this could encourage hoards of dishonest Poles to arrive here.

Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West, said: This sort of thing completely undermines peoples confidence in the European Union.