Common Sense Says We Must Call A Halt To Mass Immigration


OPEN-DOOR POLICY: The Government lacks the will meaningfully to control our borders

By Leo McKinstry
Monday September 8, 2008

LABOUR'S policy on immigration has been a wrecking ball at the heart of our society.

Our borders and identity have been destroyed. The fabric of our towns and cities has been transformed.

A once homogenous, gentle, cohesive nation has been changed into an overcrowded landmass full of conflicting ethnic groups. Thanks to 11 years of destructive rule under Brown and Blair, Britain is becoming a place without soul or sense of mutual belonging.

For too long, the political classes have colluded in the Governments determination to wipe out our nationhood.

Fearful of accusations of racism, they have joined in the official pantomime called celebrating cultural diversity, the process by which Britons are meant to express joy at the ruination of their own country.

But at last, some brave voices are saying that enough is enough. Today the backbench Labour MP Frank Field is to join forces with Tory Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, in launching a new cross-party immigration group.

The central demand from Field and Soames is that the Government should impose a strict limit on the annual number of migrants in future.

Given the current scale, such a step could hardly be more necessary, with about 600,000 people arriving here every year. But the Government has no intention of introducing tough restrictions.

This is because the top ranks of the Labour party are dominated by socialist ideologues who despise Britain and its past. They see immigration as a vital tool in their project to refashion our society, wiping out the old structure and replacing it with a new multi-cultural entity.

If Labour wanted to stem the tide of immigration it would have done so years ago. After all, other European countries have demonstrated the requisite toughness. Italy has sent in troops to deal with immigrants, while even socialist Spain has introduced drastic new restrictions on visas. But Labour does not even want to try.

The flood of immigrants will therefore only intensify, swelled by such disastrous moves as the secret plan drawn up by the Home Office to grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants living here, a group whose number could be as high as one million.

Such a step will only encourage yet more illegal immigration by signalling that Gordon Browns state machine has lost control of our borders.

Even if there were some new curbs, it would be too late for the damage has already been done to the fabric of our nation. The Governments eager embrace of mass immigration has left Britain in upheaval. More than a third of the babies born here are to migrant mothers, with the figure reaching almost 60 per cent in London.

In many of our big cities, the indigenous population will be in the minority before 2020. Meanwhile, 400,000 Britons are leaving the country every year, accelerating the process of demographic change.

To the social revolutionaries, these statistics are only to be welcomed. Britain is more racially diverse than ever which is brilliant, says Ratna Dutt of the Race Equality Foundation. But for anyone who truly loves Britain, the figures represent the slow death of a nation.

There is nothing brilliant about the cultural chaos which mass immigration has brought. Economically, our public services are under intolerable strain. Contrary to what ministers claim with their prattle about the economic benefits of migration, the tidal wave of newcomers has actually been a huge burden on the taxpayer, particularly since migrants are twice as likely as the indigenous population to be unemployed or claiming benefits.

Furthermore, mass immigration has brought a shocking rise in crime, family breakdown, drug abuse and gangland violence. Before the importation of large numbers from the Third World, our inner city streets were not awash with blood from teenage stabbings and shootings.

Similarly, the rapid Islamifi-cation of our land has not only transformed our urban landscape, with the mosque replacing the traditional Christian church, but has also led to the spread of superstition, misogyny and the breakdown in the principle of equality before the law, as sharia law increasingly prevails in Muslim areas.

Above all, mass immigration has poisoned civic life in Britain because every public policy is now seen through the prism of race. As a result, we have a climate of permanent division and distrust between ethnic groups, each of them hyping their grievances and blaming supposed discrimination for any of their failings.

Too many of our state services are now paralysed by this fixation with racism, where more concern is shown over the ethnic composition of their workforces than with meeting the needs of the public. The current turmoil at the top of the Metropolitan Police, where the assistant commissioner Tariq Ghaffur has brought charges of racism against his boss Sir Ian Blair, is a classic example of this trend.

At the same time, ordinary Britons are vilified by the Government for their instinctive love of their country and told that their fears over immigration are nothing but xenophobia.

The wish to destroy ones country used to be described as treachery. Tragically for Britain, it is now simply Labour policy.