Australia’s Immigration Department Launches Three Year Strategy

Australia's immigration department launches three year strategy

Article by Jessica Bird
Australian Visa Bureau.
18 September 2008

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has today launched a three year strategy plan for Australian immigration. The document, 'DIAC Strategic Plan 2008-11', will be the blueprint for the departments strategic direction, policies, programs and service delivery.

Andrew Metcalfe, the DIAC Secretary, said the strategy is vital for the development of Australia, as it allows the department to focus on nation-building.

The three-year plan will include budget allowances and plans for all levels of immigration, and will require an annual review so that it continues to reflect the needs of Australian immigration and the community and government priorities.

The Secretary also said the new plans reflect the Governments commitment to evidence-based policy and compassion when dealing with immigration, and improving the efficiency of Australian visa processing.

“We are committed to being a recognised leader in client service delivery, understanding and achieving service excellence in a global environment. All of this must be delivered within a culture of high performance, supported by strong leadership and better engagement with the community and with our stakeholders,” Mr Metcalfe added.

The plan is separated into many components to reflect the holistic nature of the DIAC and its everyday activities, such as Our Operating Environment, Our Work, and Our Stakeholders.