B.C. Recruits Workers Abroad—Gov’t Hopes To Import 30,000 Workers A Year

B.C. recruits workers abroad
Gov't hopes to import 30,000 workers a year

Cassidy Olivier
The Province
Published: Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Business leaders and government officials were in Manila yesterday trying to recruit thousands of people to work in B.C., prompting surprise and criticism at home.

It was B.C.'s first job fair in the Philippines, organized to help find workers to head off a labour shortage that the government predicts will otherwise hit six figures by 2015.

The government has said it wants to recruit an estimated 30,000 workers annually, from overseas and from other parts of Canada, from now until 2015.

That's about 210,000 workers.

“Generally speaking, we do have a big need,” said Ed Wong, the vice-president of immigration and training at the B.C. Business Council.

“But in certain sectors, we have more need than in others.” He said the hospitality, tourism and transportation industries suffer the most from the worker shortage.

But the labour shortage extends “right across the board,” with the health and education sectors also in need of more workers.

“This has been going on for some time,” he said.

The foreign recruitment drive surprised Darcy Groves, 40, who uses three different temp agencies to find work as a flagger.

“I find that hard to believe with the size of the welfare population,” she said. “There doesn't seem like there should be a shortage of workers.” Richard Plumb, the district manager of job agency Labour Ready, said he thinks the government makes it too easy for people “not to work.” He said his employee population drops by about 80 per cent on the last Wednesday of every month — the day welfare cheques are issued.

“There is no way we should have a labour shortage in this province with the amount of people not working,” he said.

B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair said hiring foreign workers to fill domestic jobs contributes to low wages and does nothing to support the fight to increase the minimum wage.

He said the government should invest in programs that train resident workers instead of outsourcing to different countries.

“There are shortages in some of those sectors but part of it is the wages they pay,” he said. “They don't support increases in the minimum wage. I mean, c'mon guys.” B.C. employers at the job fair at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency in Quezon City, part of metro Manila, included A&W, the Wickaninnish Inn and Westcan Bulk Transport Ltd.

The job fair comes nine months after B.C. signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine government to get greater access to Filipino workers.

At the time, B.C. predicted there would be about one million new job openings within the next 12 years, with few domestic hands to fill the vacancies.

A Canada-Mexico labour project, similar to the agreement with the Philippines, is scheduled to begin this fall. Fiji, some Caribbean nations and the Indian state of Punjab have expressed interest in similar agreements.

B.C. employers can recruit workers as immigrants under the Provincial Nominee Program, or as temporary workers through the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

A B.C. government spokesman said it is up to the employer to determine if the worker is hired on a permanent or temporary basis.

He said an employer can only hire a temporary foreign worker if a Canadian worker can't be found to fill the position.

The temporary foreign worker gets the same protections and wages as a Canadian doing the same job.



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Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 10:47 AM
Look at what's happening with the economy and we haven't seen the end. That's all we need is to do is import more workers. Someone has to be dreaming.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:06 AM
Before we jump up and down' we should fine out what we as a province pays for U.I. WEFARE and see how many employable people we have.I can not belive that we do not have the people to work.And if we bring people in they well be taking some ones job,if the job had aliveable wage and awage where you could make a living and raise a family.LOOK AT THE NAMES IN THE CRIME PART OF PAPER
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:36 AM
I think it stinks! Sinclairs right….business just wants cheap labor to boost profits. They have no regards for oiur own labor force.You won't see the managers & CEO's working for minimum salarys for the corporate cause.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:38 AM
BC is more third world every day…….. Expect more of the same from the self-serving politicians.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:44 AM
Right. B.C. employers need more nurses, software designers, computer programmers, system analysts, chefs, etc. from the Philippines because there aren't enough people in B.C or (Canada as a whole) who are interested in these occupations — at least not at the (familiar) coolie wages these employers are hoping will be sufficient to keep the new arrivals working.
Brian Andrews
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:51 AM
This is absolutely ridiculous to say that this is necessary. As stated in the article these are all low paying jobs. As long as people are unable to pay for housing, food and other basic necessities on the poor wages these companies pay there should be no way they are allowed to import workers and hide from them the fact that they cannot have a decent living in Canada on their wages. The government should bring in a law that doesn't allow employers to import workers until they tried (unsuccessfully) for 6 months to recruit workers at the current living wage, which was also posted in last week's paper to be about $16.74. I wonder how hard it would be for these employers to find employees then.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 12:06 PM
We have people in this province who are willing to train or be retrained to alleviate some of this problem. The problem is the Feds and Gordo's liberals are to busy spending on things like the Olympics. Lets get people trained at home. Gordo and his buddies in the business world would love nothing more than to have a bunch of non-residents at their command in this province. Just another Union busting tactic by the Fiberals.LETS FIND A CURE FOR THE LIBERAL DISEASE NDPlease.!!!
vote with your business
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 12:24 PM
It's disgusting, I will not knowingly support ANY business that does this. I hope The Province complies a full and comprehensive list of employers who are using these services. The only reason they go abroad is because the only people who will work for the peanuts offered are those who know no better life. It might not be so bad if the businesses themselves weren't raking in millions in saving by paying pathetically low wages.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 12:46 PM
BS . this is the only way they can find to limit wages,bring in people that will work for minimum wage and that keeps the wages down for those of us born and raised here.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 01:14 PM
and what kind of wage ae these people going to be paid ? If it is under 25 bucks an hour we as Canadians can't afford to live in BC .Even at $25 an hour by the time the government gets their big chunk theres barely enough left to survive.I believe Canadians are fed up with giving half thier paycheck to someone that does absolutely nothing to earn it
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 01:28 PM
can we trade some street people for “normal” working people from overseas? It will be a win win situation for Canada! Plus, the street people can live in the sunshine and warmer weather and may ply their trade 365 days a year
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 01:48 PM
Oh great lets just bring in more imigrants that dont care about our standard of living….they will work for 3 months than 50% of them will be on welfare or uic….Also where will they live…We will proberbly give them low cost housing…afterall they are not Canadian
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 02:18 PM
Just exactly how this province has been run under Campbell and al lthe more reason to get rid of him. We need to start here in BC with our own people who need jobs not import from other countries. BC is rapidly becoming a province that has the wealthy and the poor the middle class is being squeezed out of BC. Our standing of living here under the Campbell Liberals has been tanking since they have taken power!
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 02:26 PM
If only the cost of living here were the same as in the Phillippines, perhaps more people would be willing to work these low paying jobs. The problem isn't so much a shortage of workers, it is a lack of wages. After 6 years of university it has taken me years to break the 50k year barriere, now closing in on six figures per annum. And you know what, I still can't afford to buy a house!
That is what they said
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 02:33 PM
Eliminate welfare and EI safety nets. Dont deduct amounts off my cheques anymore and I am sure there will be more than enough workers to fill jobs. There is no incentive to work if you can coast through. If you want more than minimum wage go get training. I dont need a 16 year old kid flipping burgers making more than an administrative assistant of 30 years because a union says Minimum wage needs to be $17 total cost to employer ect ect ect.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 02:58 PM
So we demand they pay more and hire local and A&W has to pay $15 per hour. The cost of a meal doubles. No one buys the food. The business is closed. We loose services and tax revenue. Is that really the answer? Do you people think before you talk? Why should the government be training and retraining? I paid for my own schooling and I think others should have to too. Is there anything wrong with that? These people often do jobs that we dont want. Why not let them? I admint that alot of them end up in various illegal trades, so deport them immediatly if they are arrested and bring in another. The problem is they clog up the system for years with appeals and other lefty crap. Bottom line leftist politics (ie NDP) is the root of many of these problems.
Donald G
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:05 PM
There is no shortage of workers in B.C. but there is a shortage of workers willing to work for minimum wages. That is especially true of regions like the Okanagan which is a very desirable area to live in. Those who are just starting out HAVE to go elsewhere to gain a foothold into the housing market. They only return when they have accumulated enough to enable them to have a house AND work for less than warranted wages. The rest just stay here and complain about low salaries and high housing costs until life has passed them by.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:08 PM
I wondering what would happen to our health care system,..in emergency there will be 24 — 48 hours wait,,,,,,, We should get rid of Liberals ASAP.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:22 PM
Yep…. bring more immigrants in BECAUSE they are the only ones who will work for our PITIFUL minmum wages!!! How else can our government justify NOT increasing it? It's no wonder there are SO MANY of OUR OWN people living in poverty…living on the streets…and in the jails…and hospitals….turning to panhandling for a meagre existance. The rich get richer while everyone else get poorer…and poorer. WE DON'T NEED NO MORE IMMIGRANTS! We need to look after OUR OWN FIRST!
Boo Hoo
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:24 PM
Great!!!! Here we are with companies laying off workers left, right and centre, and outsourcing the jobs of Canadians to the Phillipines, India etc.. Now they import workers from overseas, hire them at minimum wage, all with minimal benefits do doubt. What happened to Corporate responsibility to the community that supports them – the community that made them what they are today? Are you listening the construction companies for the SkyTrain line that bring in foreign workers? Are you listening Telus and the others that continue to lay off Canadian Workers? Corporations need to be responsible for supporting the community that supports them (and we are the community that supports them, by buying their products). How about a corporate motto – “what goes around, comes around”?
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:26 PM
There should be a public protest against this kind of policy. There are thousands of unemployed and underemployed that can be educated for the jobs I see many first nation's people that do not have jobs or have job that are not upwardly mobile.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:46 PM
As a employer that has been looking for kitchen help cleaning staff and waitresses I have had to go overseas as I can't hire anyone here. I have had an ad in the local paper for 6 months and had no one apply. As soon as I tell them that the cleaning job is weekends only they don't come for an interview, the same for kitchen help when they are told it involves prep and dishes they never show up for the interview. It is funny how the ones coming from overseas can manage on the wages and never complain. The people here don't even ask what the wage is they just don't even come. It is great to say that you have to pay more but how much are you going to pay someone to wash dishes and peel potatoes you can't even get high school kids to do it.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 03:54 PM
The person who has the handle of TAXPAYER does not seem to grasp the English language yet he/she seems to think Immigrants are the only criminals. TAXPAYER – go back to school – I will pay your tuition. I learned my English overseas.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 04:04 PM
There's going to be a heckuva lot of unemployed people in Ontario soon as the economy goes down the toilet and the manufacturing jobs dry up. They can come out here and clean our hotels and flip burgers.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 04:22 PM
As a Filipino I feel offended by most of the comments posted to date. I arrived in Canada over 30 years ago and worked the minimum wages, retrained myself in Canadian schools and have not had need for welfare. On the contrary, statistics show that immigrants contribute heavily to support our society. I know most in my community work hard and yes, they work the jobs that few if any want to do. Seeing these types of comments makes me even more determined to help my fellow Filipino immigrants learn to adjust and have the skills to move up the financial ladder. And guess what, even this small act will help the Canadian community as a whole.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 04:27 PM
Continue to hire immigrant workers; we need more people ending up colelcting welfare and living off the back of hard working Canadians.
Are you crazy?
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 04:54 PM
The list that accompanies this article of the Top 10 jobs in need of filling in B.C. by outside workers, according to the provincial nominee program: Nurses; Carpenters; University professors, assistants; Accountants; Sales, marketing, advertising managers; Computer programmers, interactive media developers; Software engineers, designers; Information systems analysts, consultants; Chefs and cooks; Graphic designers, illustrators BC NEEDS to fill these with OUTSIDE workers? Are you sure that's really what BC NEEDS? Or does BC need to work on retaining the professionals being educated and trained within BC and subsidized by BC taxpayers? And excuse me but where is PHYSICIAN on that list?
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 05:01 PM
Hey JOE…the “employer” … must be more to the story than that coz even the immigrants aren't interested otherwise, you wouldn't have an ad running now would you? LOL
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 05:17 PM
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 06:16 PM
WE have too many here on welfare to be bringing in anyone else. They are a drain on our health system…and for each one we bring….they will bring 10 family members, and each one of those will bring 10 family members….and so on and so on!
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 06:20 PM
Be ready for the more crime on our streets…Good luck Gorden Campbell.
a and o
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 06:45 PM
This country better get its head out of its ass the olympics are here soon and i'll be pushing a shopping cart for the world to see.I spent 30 yrs in the forest ind.now i have no welfare .ie or even health care.Islam seems the best way to go.GOD is great and have nice day.(progams what programs,funding no such thing)
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 06:53 PM
Hiring foreigners is a big mistake. Look what we got when they hired David Hahn to run the ferries. What a joke. First cut back excessive government and other Union workers wages and increase the minimum wage to level the playing field. Then stop so many handouts to the lower income levels. Not all but many lap them up because they don't want to work anyway. I could go on and but what good would it do Gordo and his cronies control the purse strings oblivious of good management.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 07:06 PM
What they are really saying is, bringem in from Africa they will work for cheap! God help us!
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 07:19 PM
Oh what to do. If only it were still the days slavery aye Campbell and you plantation owners. You wouldn't have to pay your workers that rediculous $6.00 an hour.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 07:44 PM
This is just Great!!! My brother just got laid off because of outsourcing in India because of our high Canadian dollar and cheaper labour. This is just a kick in the teeth. Even education doesn't help because he is a college graduate in Business Administration. How about jobs for BCers.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 07:55 PM
Vancouver is sounding more and more like the America I live in. 2 world at best.
jack spratt
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 08:12 PM
Canadains are abunch of suckers. Look at the headlines. stupid, stupid.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 10:04 PM
I know a filipino woman that would work at a retail store at $21per hour and after would go and work for 1hour at another for 5hours a week for $8! these people who say minimun wages are great ,forget that that wage is mostly part time anyway so a 40Hr work week is now $4 per hour but they will take every job that pays anything and only hire thier own, look at AW! Cabs, trucking, security at airports,construction sites security, residential housing, when is the last time you see our young people getting training on most of these jobs,right winger's dream screw them all and get gordo to help! ever see Chinese paying more than $8 and hiring the mix of Canadians
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 10:15 PM
Cheap Labour, mega corp profits, immigrants and on it goes. All G8 countries face these challenges better then others. Canadians in general work hard with exceptions of course. Despite working hard we spin our wheels and stand still. We need to work hard and smart. As a G8 country we should be past the low skill type jobs. And yes, we need to attract foreign workers to do these low wage jobs in beautiful Canada. Somebody working in a low skill job (washing dishes etc) shouldn't be getting $16.74/hr. Work hard/smart, educate yourself and move up the knowledge ladder thru a revamped R&D centric funded education system. Our government doesn't invest enough money in research and development to produce services and products that the rest of the world wants to pay for at premium prices. We need to produce high value knowledge workers in various fields like project management, computer security, biotechnology to name three of many. In order to do this the government needs to focus our education system by directing TAX dollars towards developing high value knowledge workers thru R&D investment. Immigrants to Canada should have the same opportunities as we Canadians have to climb the economic ladder. We need to change the rules of how Canadians play the economic game. Let us play as we play hockey, tough, fair and hard based on skill, work ethic and the best talent pool in the world no matter your hertiage. GO CANADA!!!! Ramsay.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 10:19 PM
The stream of racial based comments shows that people in BC forget this nation is built on immigrants. Filipino workers and those who immigrate to Canada are some of the most highly educated and skilled workers. Our country and our province would be proud to have these people work here and become productive members of our society. Immigrant workers work! They are dedicated and loyal employees who do not come in as refugees to be supported. Those who come in and those who choose to stay and have children who are born Canadian, contribute positively to Canadian society. Their first generation children have education levels that far surpass other Canadians and income levels higher than the average. It's unfortunate that some of those on welfare stay on welfare. The taxes that new immigrants pay, support these welfare people too. Many of these people on welfare lack the skills to be in the positions that need to be filled to ensure that our country functions. Can we train them? Well, if lots of these welfare people had the will to work, maybe they wouldn't be perpetually living off of others and in some cases, letting their children continue in that cycle.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 10:37 PM
The average BC'er is freakin' lazy. Just look at all the HELP WANTED signs downtown. And Sinclair is an idiot. Bring minimum wage to $25? Sure, then how about tripling my Salary first? It's market wages, and the lazy goof-offs who barely passed(?) high school are the ones complaining.
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 11:32 PM
What will vancouver look like soon like china all asian except for a few white people and turn into a thrid world country is the government on crack don't bring in so many foreigners especially with the economy being uncertain,just more foreigners to collect e.i or welfare what are you thinking look at all the unemployed people and welfare bums here not to mention the crackhead losers on the eastside keep the true canadians working,not the ones who move here from a foreign country can't speak english and say their canadian vancouver is becoming the biggest joke of a city I have seen .
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 12:52 AM
The BC Liberals are completely out of touch with working class people. I, a university graduate with experience, searched high and low for over 10 months before I was finally able to find a job paying above $10 per hour. All the while this government was saying what a great job they were doing with job creation. Funny how you don't hear them bragging today about how great the economy is. The fact is, unless you are appointed to a nice cushy government job by the Liberals, your job prospects are pretty abysmal, to say the least. Employers are just too afraid to hire Canadian people today. They want to have the power to deport them back to the 3rd world as leverage in who they hire. They know 3rd world workers can be easily intimidated and are not likely to know or care about their rights. And why do you think the federal Liberals wait outside mosques to find supporters? So much easier to get votes.
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 12:55 AM
interesting, reading all of these comments, but the facts would you pay more than $10.00 to flip burgers or wash dishes? would you work for $10.00 per hour doing those jobs? those are the questionson low paying jobs as for the high paying jobs: we don't hire local people because they “aren't qualified”, how many job openings have a list of requirements that reads like a menu? seriously, who has all those requirements and experience? all I can say is that hiring foreign workers is a stop gap measure that will cost us in the long run. I am all for helping solve the problem, but not at the expense of my future. find another way, or begin on the job training and teach young people that welfare and ui is not OK
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 01:27 AM
why import immigrants when we have lots of people right here that are LOOKING for work? oh i forgot, slave labour from other countries is cheaper.
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 01:32 AM
Mike, nice xenophobic comment there. Times have changed and so have our expectations of pay, sometimes justified… and at other times, they're not. Here's a recent change to the workplace: tip jars at corner stores or at Starbucks – what is that all about? Suck it up people: work there for a while, then move up and out – except we all expect tips and higher pay these days for what is mostly or generally unskilled labour. Immigrants are recruited, are happy to come here and work their hearts out – we could learn a lesson or two from them. We're just lucky to have been born here. Over and out ~
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 03:16 AM
Apparently it's not only the minimum wage jobs that aren't being filled. They're hoping to attract high paying professionals such as nurses and accountants whose education and training will likely be vastly different from Canada's standards (which I have a problem with accepting, unless they passed Cdn tests and requirements). See the following news report: The Province Published: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Top 10 jobs in need of filling in B.C. by outside workers, according to the provincial nominee program: – Nurses – Carpenters – University professors, assistants – Accountants – Sales, marketing, advertising managers – Computer programmers, interactive media developers – Software engineers, designers – Information systems analysts, consultants – Chefs and cooks – Graphic designers, illustrators
truth doctor
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 05:52 AM
I know first hand how bad the worker shortage is! I have several warehouse maintenance and logistical positions which have gone unfilled for over 3 months! I've posted signs, placed ads in papers, on local supermarket bulletin boards, on Monster.com etc. There's definitely a shortage and I can't find workers no matter what I do! OH, I forgot to tell you, I'm paying four dollars an hour and the job has to be done between midnight and 7 am with the workers are not allowed to take any breaks! Have I made my point? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A WORKER SHORTAGE! If you raise wages enough and improve working conditions you'll have prospective employees lining up 1/2 mile down the street for your jobs no matter how “unglamorous” the industry is. If the wages and benefits are enticing, people will even self-finance the proper career education to learn the skills necessary to get the job. You don't need government grants, special “temporary” visas or “blue-ribbon” commissions. It's time to wake up and clear the sleepers out of your eyes! This “worker shortage” canard has been going on for over a decade now. Stop whining, grow up and pay up!
not happy
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 11:21 AM
My employer of 10yrs, hired several (nice, hardworking) foreign workers, their 2 year contract guarantees them 8 hours everyday. I don't get 8 hours everyday!
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 11:43 AM
All those comments are non-sense. Yes, employers resort to recruiting overseas because Canadians are lazy people. They want easy job with high pay. They just want to collect welfare. Look at your statistics if their are Filipinos who are on welfare. Most of the homeowners here are Asians that includes Filipinos. Because we are hardworking people and never complaint. Canadians want easy job, easy money. Most of my tenants are Canadians who does nothing but ruined my property.
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 12:43 PM
My wife has a Bachelor of Arts degree and she hasn't found a job in 4 months in Victoria. She's either over qualified for non-skilled work or under qualified for skilled work. The Provincial Government has a recruiter for entry level clerks in the government and based on their assessment she is under qualified. Her major in University was in English. From the Provincial Government's point of view, the skills aquired while taking a 6 month secretary course far out weigh the skill aquired while taking a University degree. What's the point of going to University! Now we here that the government is looking for workers out of this Province! Does anybody know how I can actually begin to question the government on this issue?
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 01:04 PM
I commend the Canadian Government for continuing to develop the foreign worker program. These employees come to Canada to fill a specific position with a specific employer that has proven they cannot fill the position otherwise. The wages are fair and these foreign employees cannot collect EI or welfare. They pay their fair share of taxes, CPP and EI deductions in CANADA allowing more Canadians to continue using the social systems that the foreign worker will never use.
Thu, Oct 9, 08 at 03:00 PM
This is not a solution, it's a disolutioned epiphany the liberals had while smoking the herb. Get off ur lazy buts and pull the ppl that are sitting on our streets and living off our tax dollars and get them to work! Why pay the $$$ to bring more ppl into our country that are going to end up on the streets while our real estate soars they will soon enough end up in the same situation. you want workers? HIT HASTINGS!
Fri, Oct 10, 08 at 01:52 PM
Most of you guys are still living in the medieval times, (Jurasic might be more appropriate)… welcome to the new world of globalization! The reason why most of you go against this policy is because you know for a fact that we Filipinos can out-perform and out-excel you guys not because we are more skillful but because we have better values in work and in life. We are more hardworking and we never discriminate anyone regardless of gender, race, etc. Everyone, please grow up and collectively make this world a better place!
Fri, Oct 10, 08 at 04:44 PM
FYI Filipino immigrants to bc have the SAME percentage of unemployed as canadian born bc residents. and they happen to be the group that adapts the quickest to life in canada out of immigrants from all other countries. have some respect. canada is a country of immigrants. surely you all know a canadian who is a “drain on the system” to counter you absolutely ignorant anti-immigrant statements.
Fri, Oct 10, 08 at 11:06 PM
Did anyone wonder how it is possible that these foreign workers who work for wages that none of us would consider are able to live here, pay taxes on their pitiful wages, and save money to send home to support their families? If they can do it, why can't we? As long as it is easier to be on welfare than work, there will be always Canadians who consider it beneath them to work in low paying jobs and there will always be foreign workers who consider these low paying jobs a godsend… The article did mention it – but nobody pays attention: on day when the welfare cheques arrive, there is dramatic decrease in the number of people looking for a job. Go figure!
Sat, Oct 11, 08 at 11:39 AM
Ok where to start, I have a Bachelors degree and moved from Ireland to Canada 4 months ago. I have struggled to get a job in BC in this time. After waiting 3 years to become a permanent resident and doing everything by the book I cannot find a job. This situation is very frustrating, especially when I read this article B.C,'s top 10 jobs that need works…..Sales, Marketing and Advertising, this is my field. So why does the government feel it necessary to go hire abroad when already a Legitimate, qualified, English speaking permanent resident is here from abroad. We could not go on social welfare as we needed a certain amount of funds to enter Canada in the first place. We must be able to live off of this money for at least 6mths and if not we would have to go home. I agree, why should we come in and soak off the Canadian government. I see this happen to often back home in Ireland and don't agree with it. But my point is , both I and others I have met from the UK and Ireland who are here btw 4mths and 14mths are not able to gain employment so far. I must say this is very disappointing when you put your life on hold for 3 years to get residency. I would never have thought it would be this hard to gain employment.
Simplified Skilled Worker
Wed, Oct 15, 08 at 11:15 AM
Why keep on recruiting for workers and not concentrate with the processing of the application of immigrant skilled workers???Those are still foreign workers…???If we only knew that applying for a working visa would be much faster…anyway…mid-east is ok, Medical Practice here were Founded and Established By Canadians and Americans.I think we all still have something in common…and its TAX FREE here and we get to go home to Philippines every year with pay and with free ticket round trip !..Good luck CANADA:) Pls stop getting hard on immigrants.They've contributed a lot with your economy.Godbless:)
Wed, Oct 15, 08 at 05:43 PM
Oh lord, this is frustrating. Yes us 'lazy canadians” dont want more immigrants in bc, can you blame us? I do reconize that you immigrants are hardworking and such, but if you were in our position would you want all of us comming to the Phillipines and taking all your jobs just cause we dont complain about the wages. Its a big slap in the face. We need more programs or somthing ! Try everything you can before you decide to bring in thousands of immigrants ( has anyone not noticed how many of them there are already?!!!!like wow, i feel like a immigrant) And me, being a native teenager, it is really hard finding work. How many companies hire teens? Not many, oh wow mcdonalds. This just makes me mad. Dont be all offenisive if we dont want you here, its just the truth.
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