Police Say Suspected Gun Smuggler Captured In Michigan On Way To Canada

Police say suspected gun smuggler captured in Michigan on way to Canada

The Canadian Press
October 11, 2008

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. Police in Michigan say an Ontario man was caught driving a car with five guns hidden inside a secret compartment in the gas tank.

Investigators say that after the man was arrested in southwestern Michigan this week, he told them he was paid $2,000 to smuggle the guns into Canada from Wisconsin.

The details are in documents filed in federal court in Grand Rapids.

Michigan police say the man was stopped for speeding in Van Buren County.

They say a state trooper became suspicious while inspecting bolts under the Nissan sedan.

Another search revealed five pistols in vacuum-sealed packages.

Immigration agent Cory Howe says the man admitted to a similar gun-running trip in August.

Stephen Bobb, 21, faces federal gun charges.

A lawyer was not immediately assigned.