Peters Wants Immigration Cuts To Protect Jobs

Peters wants immigration cuts to protect jobs

By Patrick Gower
New Zealand Herald
4:00AM Friday Oct 17, 2008

NZ First leader Winston Peters has predictably played the immigration card, saying numbers should be cut to protect Kiwi jobs during tough economic times.

Mr Peters used a campaign speech in Nelson to say “when times are tough internationally immigrants are attracted to New Zealand like moths to a neon light”.

“During times when New Zealanders' jobs are at risk, immigration will be cut to ensure Kiwis did not have to compete with immigrants for jobs.”

Mr Peters said this suggested reducing the immigration quota from 50,000 to 10,000.

He called for an end to the abuse of the family reunification policy “in other words, only immediate family”.

Mr Peters called the free trade agreement with China “foolish”, saying it would allow Chinese companies “to set up here and bring in their own labour”.

“It is a great idea, as long as you are not a New Zealander looking for a job, or a manufacturer trying to compete against a foreign company that has no labour laws.”