October 223, 2008: This Is Cumbria, Not Krakow !

This is Cumbria not Krakow!

Brian Nicholls
Last updated 11:23, Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cumbria police officers are starting a 10 week course to learn Polish. Why? This is Cumbria not Krakow.

Here we speak a fairly recognisable form of English which those who come to live here might be expected to learn if it were not for the outmoded and discredited madness of multiculturalism which infects both Cumbria County Council (CCC) and the constabulary.

Why are our coppers learning Polish? Its not as if they have nothing better to do. We should, in an ironical sort of way, be pleased at least some of those who live in the county are getting to come face to face with bobbies on the beat.

Living in Penrith I havent seen a police officer for years.

The last time I spoke to a copper on the beat I was one myself.

The reason police officers are wasting their time and our money on this exercise is because we have a thing called a multicultural service funded by CCC and also a police person known as a diversity officer for North Cumbria. With such titles these people have to find something to do to justify their salaries and staffing.

Has no-one told Cumbria teaching police officers to speak a foreign language is the wrong thing to do if you want integration? Has no-one bothered to explain that the leaders of the longer established immigrant groups are totally against such ideas? They have learned that multiculturalism actually makes it far more difficult for immigrant groups to integrate and, worse still, it builds up resentment amongst others who perceive immigrants as getting better service from the local authority than they are.

This language learning and the quasi social engineering clap-trap thinking behind it has the exact opposite effect it is supposed to.

Stop all this talk of communities. There are no communities, Polish, Lithuanian, Muslim or any other.

To encourage communities is to encourage segregation and resentment and that leads to nothing but trouble.