Immigration Tops London Concerns

Immigration tops London concerns

October 28, 2008

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament rate as London's favourite landmark

Immigration is the issue most Londoners are worried about for the next five years, a survey has shown.

The London Matters poll asked more than 2,200 people from both London and across Britain for their views on a range of issues facing the capital.

Londoners cited immigration (34%) as the biggest issue, followed by crime (21%) and housing (13%). Terrorism polled just 6% of votes.

The study also found 23% Scots do not like anything about London.

Those outside London chose crime as the biggest issue facing the capital (24%).

Favourite landmark

Those questioned from London and the rest of the country agreed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament was their favourite capital landmark with 32% of the vote.

Joint second was the Tower of London and Tower Bridge (15%), then the London Eye with 10%.

Almost two-thirds of those questioned felt London remained one of the top five capital cities in the world.

And almost half of Londoners believed that the capital had a better future with Boris Johnson as mayor.

Generally, the further people lived from London, the less they tended to like it with 21% of respondents in the Midlands and Wales saying they did not like anything about London.

In Scotland, London fared worse, with 23% of those surveyed found nothing to commend the British capital.

The survey, carried out by YouGov, was commissioned by ESRI (UK), a computer-mapping software company.