Immigrant GI’s Saluted In Iraq As New Citizens

Immigrant GIs Saluted in Iraq as New Citizens

By David K. Li
The New York Post, November 5, 2008

Almost 200 immigrant American troops serving in Iraq received the ultimate reward yesterday – US citizenship.

In a moving swearing-in ceremony at Camp Victory in Baghdad, 186 fighting men and women – from 60 different nations – were granted their citizenship.

The soldiers were not able to vote in yesterday's presidential elections because they received their citizenship too late to register.

However, the symbolism of receiving their citizenship on Election Day wasn't lost on the newly minted Americans.

'I'm excited to be able to vote,' said Spc. Ruth McKoy, from the 62nd Quartermaster Company, 553rd Sustainment Brigade.

McKoy, who was born in Jamaica and joined the US Army in December 2002, is happy she'll have a say next time around.

'If something good comes out of a future election, I can say I had something to do with that,' she said. 'It's like my voice is being heard now.'

The new citizens were dressed in their fatigues and took their oath, standing and sitting under a huge American flag.

The top US commander in Iraq, Gen. Ray Odierno, said. 'Diverse as your backgrounds may be, you all now have one thing in common: You are all Americans.

'You represent the very best of all that our nation stands for: freedom, opportunity, equality and service.'

The citizen-soldiers each shook hands with Gen. Odierno and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker.

They received a citizenship certificate and a folded US flag in Saddam's old Al Faw Palace on Camp Victory near the Baghdad airport.

Spc. Rasha Hennessy, from the 1st Higher Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 206th Field Artillery, 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was born in Baghdad and called US citizenship 'a privilege.'

'Honestly, I can't even think of how blessed I am to have this privilege,' she said. 'It's a great thing.'

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