Wong Gets Federal Appointment

Wong gets federal appointment
Richmond MP will be parliamentary secretary for multiculturalism

Alan Campbell
Richmond News
Published: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

With the dust on a sweeping federal election victory just settling, new Richmond Conservative MP Alice Wong had another reason to celebrate this week.

Wong has been appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Multiculturalism.

Wong said the appointment was a “tribute to the multi-ethnic composition of the city of Richmond.”

She added that Canadians from many different ethnic backgrounds call Richmond home and her new duties in Parliament mean she will have a special responsibility for improving the multicultural character of Canada.

“It is a great honour to have been selected by the Prime Minister for this post,” she said.

“Richmond now has an MP who is on the government side and who can influence government policy for the benefit of the citizens of Richmond.”

In her role as parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Multiculturalism, Wong's duties will include working on parliamentary committees and representing the government for public announcements.

The cabinet minister she will work most closely with is Jason Kenney, who was recently promoted to being Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

Wong has a long history of public service even before her appointment as a parliamentary secretary.

Prior to being elected MP for Richmond, Wong operated several businesses, including one specializing in research and education.

“I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has shown such interest in promoting multiculturalism in Canada,” Wong said.

“On election day, the electorate of Richmond gave a big vote of confidence in both me and the Conservative government.

“I look forward to dealing with the challenges of the next few years.”

The 40th Canadian Parliament is scheduled to come back into session Nov. 18 with the election of a new Speaker.

The Governor-General will give the Speech from the Throne outlining the government's priorities the following day.