Curry King Urges 10 Year Block For Immigration To Prevent Racial Unrest

Curry King urges 10 year entry block for immigration to prevent racial unrest

Britain should stop all immigration for up to 10 years to prevent racial unrest, an influential Indian-born businessmen said yesterday.

Ready-meals millionaire Sir Gulam Noon, known as the Curry King, said a ban would help stop extremists such as the British National Party exploiting tensions.

He told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: “I do not want a situation whereby a party like the BNP says, 'Listen, all your jobs are being taken away by immigrants.' Some sort of a ban should be there.”

Sir Gulam's view that it should last up to a decade comes from his forthcoming autobiography, according to the Mail on Sunday.

It was reported he wrote: “We should shut the door for five or 10 years.”