Million New Jobs Go To Migrants As Slump Deepens


By Macer Hall Political Editor
The Daily Express
Tuesday December 16,2008

NEARLY all the 1.34 million jobs created in Britain in the past seven years have gone to immigrants, a bombshell report reveals today.

Yet official Government figures confirm the number of British-born jobless has remained virtually stagnant in the same period.

The shocking analysis comes ahead of dire unemployment figures to be published tomorrow.

As the recession deepens, the jobless total is expected to soar towards two million and those on Jobseekers Allowance are tipped to exceed one million.

Last night critics said the research shattered Gordon Browns infamous promise that his Government would create British jobs for British workers.

Thousands of vacancies are offered abroad before being advertised in the UK, denying the British jobless a chance to apply.

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: This is yet more evidence that completely undermines Gordon Browns unwise proclamation that he would deliver British jobs for British workers.

The research into the UK jobs market since 2001, published by the think-tank Migrationwatch, shows that 1.08 million out of the 1.34 million new jobs created since 2001 have gone to non-UK citizens. Many were taken by around 500,000 eastern Europeans who have arrived since 2004.

Although 253,000 of the vacancies were taken up by UK nationals, the vast majority were naturalised citizens rather than native-born. The number of UK-born workers in employment fell by 62,000 during the period.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: From the point of view of British-born workers, the damage to their prospects has already been done at a time when jobs of almost all kinds are at a premium. He added: This must have been staring the Government in the face for a long time, yet even last month they described the east European migrants as helping to fill gaps in the labour market.