Canada, Get Immigration Under Control

Canada, Get Immigration Under Control

by James Raider
December 21, 2008
Digital Journal

Canadas population has hit 33,441,300 and is rising fast under a very arrogant liberal system devised and controlled by Liberals over the past thirty years. Is this a problem?

The Liberal Party has long touted, and enacted laws in support of fast rising immigration rates. The party receives much of its support from its pandering to the new immigrant community. Conservatives have picked up on the notion and are also now trying to master the art of pandering. With the current Immigration Minister remaining within Parliamentary confines of the politically correct, he suggests that visas for skilled immigrants would have visas processed in as quickly as 6 months rather than the normal 5 to 6 years. Canadian Parliament pretends that it is culling the earths vast, well-instructed, but mobile humanity, and is accommodating the best and only the best.

Legal documents can be subjected to extensive abuse in foreign countries currently representing the principal source of immigrants. Canadian immigration offices located in countries representing the vast majority of recent immigrants have difficulty affirming the veracity of any papers or documentation presented by applicants seeking permanent entry to Canada. The system in many countries is pliable and susceptible to bribes and threats. There are few countries in this world where documents cannot be bought or coerced. This is of course assuming that the immigration offices themselves are void of influence from bribes and threats.

Inconceivably, it seems most politicians have completely ignored the almost decade-long allegations of corruption and organized crime infiltration that engulfed the Canadian Immigration office in Hong Kong. Chretien and his nemesis RCMP Chief Giuliano Zaccardelli agreed to a well documented, mutually auspicious, stand down on the investigation. Zaccardelli abducted independence to run the RCMP like an autocracy, and Chretien allegedly carried off a pass for his in-laws the Desmarais, and other friends such as Stanley Ho or Li Ka Shing. And the sprouting of skyscraping condos on Li Ka Shings Expo Lands in Vancouver continued unabated, quenching the demanding flood of arrivals from one source.

All this pressure has placed doubt on the applicants (their background, credentials etc.) and it places even greater uncertainty on the extended family of the applicants immigrating into the country. It is clear that the Canadian government is grossly misleading Canadians when it claims its immigration program brings in trained and educated foreign talent to fill the countrys supposed needs. The reality is that a small percentage of total immigrants entering Canada presently fit profiles imagined by our government. It is also defiantly arbitrary of the political leaders to pretend that Canada is principally attracting professionals from countries who need them more than Canada does. These countries do not have educational infrastructures to educate their replacements. Why should China, Thailand or Malaysia have need for their best doctors and nurses more than Canada? Get them over here, and quick. …How arrogant?

Throughout my career in senior offices of the high tech and venture capital world of the U.S. and Canada, no one I have ever done business with ever represented having difficulty hiring appropriately trained or suitably educated employees to fill vacant positions in this country. That is, unless there was a purposeful intent to cheaply outsource services offshore. Unfortunately this isnt even close to any perceptions sensed in the offices of the monstrous Canadian immigration bureaucracy dispersed all over the globe.

Canadas immigration system is out of control. The government has no idea who is coming in and staying. Period. It also has no control of the vast abuse of the Medical system that even former expat Canadians are foisting on the current Canadian taxpayers.

The economy is taking a serious turn. Unemployment will take a number of years to revisit the low levels of the past decade, and the tax base is eroding. Cities across the country are dramatically cutting services. Even Alberta is shaving its police force, and its emergency services, so who needs more signs that Canadas economy is entering the beginning of a long and protracted recession. Is anyone in Ottawa asking who is going to support the new immigrants and residents when the system cannot support the existing population satisfactorily?

There appears to be this strange sense emanating out of Ottawa that everyone who applies to get into Canada should get in as quickly as possible. Where is the common sense? Come on Harper, pay attention. Your taxpayers dont want to be forced to look to Ignatieff to reverse the liberal trends of the past.