New Zealand "Denies Visa For Deformed Samoan Baby"

New Zealand 'denies visa for deformed Samoan baby'

Friday Dec 28 17:16 AEDT

A severely deformed Samoan baby, whose parents were told not to feed her because she would not survive, has been refused a visa to go to New Zealand for expert medical treatment, according to reports.

The baby, named Miracletina, was born four months ago with misshapen eyes that were pushed to the side of her face, while her nose and mouth were malformed, preventing her from suckling.

Doctors told her parents that she should not be fed and would die within hours, Tanupo Aukuso, editor of the Samoan Post newspaper, said.

But her family refused to let her die and secretly fed her, and supporters raised more than $100,000 to get the baby to New Zealand for a full medical assessment.

The decision by New Zealand immigration authorities was announced in Samoa on Monday but only released here on Friday.

New Zealand immigration official Mary Anne Thompson, said in a statement published in Samoa that “treatment could not cure (Miracletina's) condition and further assessment and surgery had no part to play”.

The statement added: “Three New Zealand medical specialists, including a paediatrician, a craniofacial surgeon and a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, have all concluded that treatment is not advisable and will not benefit Tina's quality of life.”