What New Year’s Resolutions Would Jesus Make ?


Most parts of the world have just celebrated another anniversary of the birth of Jesus the Christ. However, as Christians are aware, only 2 of the Gospels actually describe Jesus’ birth and all four of them leave readers to deduce, almost completely, what Jesus did in his formative years. Although Jesus’ adult life is often portrayed in soft, sentimental terms, he had a very strong edge. In particular, he had a low tolerance for hypocrites. Ironically enough, a number of Canada’s high immigration advocates invoke Jesus to justify their views and to declare their similarity to Jesus. But if Jesus were living in Canada today, we suspect he would feel very uncomfortable standing alongside these self-proclaimed humanitarians :

In fact, we suspect he would make the following immigration-related resolutions at the beginning of 2009 :

Resolution #1 : EMBARRASS THE “LET”S DRESS IN GREEN” CLUB INTO FOCUSING ON REAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES, NOT RIDICULOUS ONES. One example of green foolishness can be seen in a recent ad by B.C. Hydro, the province’s largest supplier of electricity. The ad focuses on B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell. It says that Campbell is “well aware of the challenges of meeting the energy needs of 4.5 million people” (the current population of B.C.). It adds that Campbell “knows that saving energy is one of the most important ways to make sure there will be enough to go around” in future. According to the ad, Campbell and his wife started their campaign to “save energy” by unplugging their TV’s, computers, and phone chargers when not in use. Then they bought an Energy Star fridge and now they’re looking at improving their house’s heating efficiency with “draft proofing, enhanced insulation and a new furnace”. The ad concludes by saying that if all 4.5 million people in B.C. did what the Campbell’s did, the province would save enough energy to power almost 10,000 homes.

The hypocrisy in this amateurish ad is that B.C. Hydro and the Campbell’s know that there are plans afoot to add 1 million more people to Metro Vancouver alone—almost all through immigration. At an average of 3 people to a home, that means there will be another 333,000 homes to power shortly—33 times more than B.C.’s conservation measures will provide power for. If there are only two inhabitants per home, there will be 500,000 homes to power. The point is that almost all of these immigrants are unnecessary and that they will vastly negate all the conservation achieved in the Campbell and other households.

If Premier Campbell were really as green as he pretends, he would do all the back-room dealing (that he is notorious for) to precipitate some real green effects. For example, he would refuse to take the projected million people and speak up to the federal government about the enormous environmental damage that will result by accommodating them. If he did this, he really would prevent future electricity shortages and nip in the bud many other problems caused by population increase.

In other words, instead of running around the house removing the jolts from the computers, TV’s and other electronic gadgets, Campbell should give a good jolt to the Prime Minister and the PMO who seem to be dictating immigration policy. He can do the same thing to the federal cabinet for allowing this to happen.

He can administer a good long jolt to many others. For example, Liberal leader Iggy deserves to have his hair stood up for his “Carry On As Usual” statements on immigration. The same applies to NDP Jack whose side hair will have to do. Jack might even offer to hold Olivia’s hand since she seems to determine NDP immigration policy. Campbell could re-charge his weapon with cheap Quebec Hydro power to give Gilles a shot. Campbell should deliver severe jolts to other deserving feds, both MP’s and bureaucrats, and to some of his fellow provincial cohorts. He could title his programme, “You Talk. I Walk” .

Campbell should reserve a double or triple jolt for all environmental organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation which dress themselves in green, but who refuse to say publicly that post-1990 immigration of close to 5 million has had a significant negative environmental impact on Canada. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May should get ready for her jolt. And Campbell should reserve the most severe jolts for environmental organizations such as the Nature Conservancy which have formed corrupt coalitions with immigration advocacy organizations like the Royal Bank. As some Canadians know, The NC now receives funding from RBC in return for saying nothing negative about immigration. And as probably only a few Canadians know, the RBC would like to see immigration raised from 260,000 to the 400,000 level annually—-a figure which makes the alliance with NC even more disgraceful.

Resolution #2 : CLEANSE OUR CITIES OF “THE POTHOLE CLUB”. The “Pothole Club” consists of the municipal politicians who plead helplessness when confronted with having to do something about the immigration issue. We’ve all heard their words : “That’s a federal matter. We have no control over things like that. We deal only with municipal concerns.” To a number of them, the most important of their concerns are such things as the potholes in their streets. The hypocrisy in making excuses like this is that, when these mayors want money, they feel no hesitation about complaining to Ottawa. So, why not tell Ottawa to remove one of the major causes of their cash shortfalls: Canada’s senseless high immigration levels.

A number of years ago, 22 of Canada’s largest cities formed an organization called the Big Cities’ Mayors’ Caucus which meets 3 times a year and lobbies the federal government on many issues. It is hard to believe that the thought of reducing unnecessary immigration has not dawned upon some people in this Caucus. If it hasn’t, then the electors in their home cities should deliver the proverbial good, solid boot to these people.

Resolution #3 : SWEEP THE “HERD OF INDEPENDENT THINKERS” CLUB OUT OF OUR CBC BUILDINGS. On a number of occasions, the CBC has shown that its work could be a model for an often-biased private media to imitate. But on the immigration issue, the CBC is an example of disgraceful bias. In fact, “The Herd” has turned the CBC into a propaganda arm for Canada’s immigration industry. There are notable exceptions within CBC ranks. But, if there ever existed a group systemically dedicated to distorting immigration information so as to deceive and mis-lead the public, this group is it. Their motto seems to be : “You Pay. We Betray.” If ever portrayed in a diptych, one picture would show them obsequiously smiling— with one hand stretched out begging for cash from the Canadian public. The other picture would show them contemptuously and patronizingly patting the public on its collective head and telling it that it knows what kind of “news” is good for it.

The hypocrisy in the CBC is that it pretends to promote “balance” in its coverage. Yet this group has produced some of the most unbalanced and low quality journalism imaginable on the immigration issue. Unfortunately, its abysmal record there should lead people to suspect what laundering it is doing on other news. CBC Radio in Vancouver is one of the grossest and most concentrated examples of immigration sycophancy and quisling behaviour in the country. There is abundant evidence to show that this is the case. As a result of its efforts, it has helped to generate enormous environmental, economic and cultural damage on the area that it broadcasts into. General CBC pro-diversity hiring policies do not bode well for the country’s future. Imagine recently-hired ethnic hacks rising to management positions within “The Herd” to advocate for their ethnic groups and join fellow ideological hacks in presenting “news” to the country. If Canadians think North Korea’s gov’t-paid media is laughable, they have to ask themselves, “What difference is there between us and North Korea when the politically-correct control the CBC here?”

Resolution #4 : START SOME REAL REGULATION OF THE CBC AND THE PRIVATE MEDIA CLUBS. Canada does have some good reporters. However, many Canadian reporters belong to Canada’s “Parrot Club”, a group which merely repeats what Canada’s immigration industry tells them . Real regulation could begin by sending “The Parrot Club” back to school. After all, when cars and other products don’t work, the producer recalls them. At the very least, why haven’t journalism schools not been expressing concern about their graduates merely parroting immigration industry views? Many reporters seem incapable of asking questions—even when the evidence smells to high heaven. Recently, our Department of Immigration and the immigration industry claimed that Canada had labour shortages and was going to fast-track immigrant applications in 38 occupations. Even a relatively semi-comatose reporter should have questioned the claims made by these people. Even the most superficial research would have shown that our Department of Immigration was lying.

The hypocrisy in this case is that our private media pretend to give us complete coverage, but that they present only one side. Canadians have heard almost no criticism of the larger immigration picture. In fact, most Canadians have no idea what the bigger immigration picture is because the media who present the news stories about immigration know virtually nothing themselves.

For example, in a number of newspapers across the country, editors and reporters have still not grasped the most elementary of immigration ideas such as the one that post-1990 immigration is an abnormality in Canada’s immigration history. Nearly all of them continue to print ridiculous, sentimental articles about the role of immigration in Canada’s past. But none of them see that there is a great difference between pre-1990 immigration and senseless post-1990 immigration.

Self-righteous Canadian media often ridicule the RCMP and other police for being allowed to investigate themselves. If it is outrageous for the RCMP to investigate itself, then it is equally outrageous for the CBC Ombudsman to be investigating complaints about CBC bias. And it is also outrageous for media-controlled organizations to investigate complaints about the private media.

Resolution #5 : REMOVE THE ENTIRE FINANCIAL SUPPORT BASE AND THE LEGAL LOOPHOLES THAT THE CORRUPT “MORALLY SUPERIOR” CLUB DEPENDS UPON FOR ITS EXISTENCE. The “Morally Superior Club” suffer from the delusion that they have supreme moral authority on everything and that their views on everything are the last and only word. In Canada, they imply that it is virtual blasphemy to express an opinion against immigration. By pretending to serve humanitarian and multicultural interests, some members of this club obtain hundreds of millions of dollars directly from Canadian taxpayers every year. Other members obtain additional hundreds of millions indirectly by abusing existing immigration laws and turning the immigration process into a business. It is no exaggeration to say that these people are building a funeral pyre for Canadian-born.

Jesus repeatedly faced the “Morally Superior” club in his time. In Jesus’ Israel, when Jesus accused these people of missing the point of their faith, of promoting their own interests and of abandoning Jewish traditions such as looking after widows and the poor, they did everything they could to ridicule or silence him.

When opponents of Canada’s high immigration say that Canada also has abandoned a tradition of looking after its own unemployed, the self-declared “Morally Superior” imply or actually say that non-Canadians deserve greater attention.

The hypocrisy in their actions is that they say they believe in humanitarianism. However, they extend that belief first and often only to non-Canadians. To them, it is acceptable for Canadians to be displaced from jobs, for Canada’s environment to be destroyed, and for Canadian-born to be culturally marginalized.


(1) For a full description of the arrangement between the Nature Conservancy of Canada, The Royal Bank Of Canada, and the Multiculturalism-Immigration Industry, see Immigration Watch Canada.org’s WEEKLY BULLETIN of January 28, 2008 : A Triad Of Ecological Ruin—The Royal Bank of Canada, The Nature Conservancy and the Multiculturalism-Immigration Industry


(2) For a full description of Ottawa’s claims that it had to fast-track applications for 38 occupations, see the following Immigration Watch canada.org WEEKLY BULLETIN Of December 4, 2008 : Stop The Fast-Tracking Of 38 Occupations And Assorted Deranged Behaviour


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