Save American Jobs—Curb All Immigration

Save America's jobs – curb all immigration

Chad Groening
1/23/2009 7:40:00 AM

A former U.S. congressman who now runs a Colorado-based think tank says the current economic climate has made it imperative that immigration — both legal and illegal — be curbed as more American workers lose their jobs.

When Tom Tancredo was in Congress, he was known as a crusader against illegal immigration. Now the former Republican lawmaker chairs the Rocky Mountain Foundation, where he intends to continue his fight for immigration control. However, Tancredo believes it is not just illegal immigration that is hurting the U.S. economy.

“Right now we are importing into this country, every month, 138,000 people,” he points out. “Now they're either going to take jobs when they get here that someone else has, or they themselves will be unemployed.”

So he finds it imperative that Americans understand they must now deal with legal immigration.

“It is important for people to understand that Obama is promising now two-and-a-half million jobs being created in two years,” Tancredo notes. “Well, what he is not telling everyone else is that there is no way that that will even have the slightest effect on our economy if he does not do something about legal immigration as well as illegal immigration.”

Tancredo says the United States continues to base its immigration policy on family unification, instead of the need to bring in highly skilled people like scientists, mathematicians, or doctors.