Tories: Migrant Level Is Too High


Sunday Express
Tuesday January 27,2009

DAVID Cameron last night warned that immigration was too high under Labour.

In a rare foray into the contentious issue, the Tory leader called for a strict limit to be imposed on the numbers arriving in Britain.

He denied that the Tories had dodged discussing immigration under his leadership.

In an interview with broadcaster Jeff Randall on Sky News, Mr Cameron said: I think that immigration is too high, I think it needs to be limited and I think the numbers need to come down.

He warned that soaring population levels threatened to put pressure on public services.

Mr Cameron said: I dont think in any way Ive shied away from this policy, but I wanted to make sure the Conservative Party would be listened to and heard as a bunch of reasonable people making a reasonable point.

The problem in the past is whenever weve talked about this issue people questioned our motives why are they doing that?

He added: I think it was very important to make it clear that we believe in a multiracial Britain. We believe its a success.

We think immigration has been good for Britain in the past.

We think immigration will continue, but not any immigration, not all immigration, it needs to be controlled.

We think that is reasonable, sensible and I think the British public will back it.

Mr Cameron also accused Gordon Brown of turning Britain into the most indebted nation on earth.

The economy was suffering from years of profligate state spending under Labour.

He called on Mr Brown to accept his share of responsibility for the crisis.