Immigrants Will Add Up To ‘One Household Every Six Minutes For 25 Years’

Immigrants will add up to 'one household every six minutes for 25 years'

Immigrant families are likely to set up one new household every six minutes in England over the next 25 years, official forecasts show.

By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor
The Telegraph
Last Updated: 10:37PM GMT 12 Mar 2009

Earlier this week, the Department for the Communities and Local Government found that the number of households was set to rise by 6.3 million to 27.8 million by 2031.

Although the department said that population growth was the “main driver” of this increase, analysis of the forecasts shows that new immigrant households will account for nearly 40 per cent of the increase.

This means that immigration is likely to account for an extra 99,000 households a year between now and 2031.

Campaigners MigrationWatch said the forecast showed that “net immigration is now the largest single influence on household formation in England”.

Sir Andrew Green, the group's chairman, said: “Immigration will have a massive impact on housing demand and therefore on our whole quality of life and our environment.

“It is time that the Government faced up to the facts and brought immigration under control.”

The news comes after United Nations figures suggested Britain will become the most populous country by 2050.

A UN report found that Britain's status as a favourite destination for migrants will cause its population to overtake Germany's.

The news was an embarrassment for the Home Office, which has been trumpeting its crackdown on immigration.


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