Arab Group Loses Bid For Annual Cash

Arab group loses bid for annual cash

Toronto Star
Apr 02, 2009 04:30 AM
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The Canadian Arab Federation has lost its bid for an injunction to prevent Immigration Minister Jason Kenney from cutting funding to the group, which he says supports terrorist organizations.

But in his 13-page ruling yesterday, Justice Michael Kelen said the minister “may have breached the duty of fairness” for not giving the group notice that an annual $1 million funding contract would be cancelled and for not providing the group with reasons for the cut.

“The court finds that the evidence to date demonstrates that the respondent minister did probably breach his legal duty to act fairly to the applicant,” Kelen wrote.

“This is a serious issue, an elementary principle of administrative law, and the minister and his officials must act according to the law.”

Kenney's decision to end Citizenship and Immigration Canada's funding to the organization, which operates an English as a second language program for newcomers to Canada, follows comments made by group president Khaled Mouammar.


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Stop funding all these groups.

Why are any groups, Arab, Jewish or otherwise, getting any funding at all? How much votes does it buy? If people are interested in a cause they should support it themselves. If a special interest group needs outside funding it's a sham – people who profess to care about a cause should at least be prepared to pay their own way.

Submitted by A. van Osch at 1:03 PM Thursday, April 02 2009


Oh come on! The minister is using his position to silence his critics – if the Arab group supports terror, why are they not on the terror list? this is purely political. You telling me Arab groups are the ONLY ones doing this? PUH LEEZ!

Submitted by R U KIDDING ME?! at 11:07 AM Thursday, April 02 2009

Good move by Kenney .. better move by the courts .

What are special interest groups anyways ? Who do they represent , who controls them and do they use government funds for the stated purposes?My guess would be that a few at the top control them and not their rank and file membership . I would also guess they don't use the money in the way they tell the government when they originally apply.In addition the money is probably used to support initiatives in other countries and we Canadians pay for it .All in all our government should end funding for all of these groups . That way the money can't be abused and there can be no cries of unequal funding .

Submitted by goat at 10:45 AM Thursday, April 02 2009


I thought all “newcomers” were supposed to speak English or French before they got here; therefore this service should not be necessary. There seem to be lots of groups like this around, probably put in place by politicians in return for support in elections past and future.

Submitted by canada first at 10:00 AM Thursday, April 02 2009


The writer of the story didn't mention that the head of the CAF called Kenney a “political whore”, and called for the death of all Jews.

Submitted by builder.m at 9:04 AM Thursday, April 02 2009


I have been reading the same story in other papers and you wouldn't know it's the same event just by reading the Star.

Submitted by builder.m at 8:58 AM Thursday, April 02 2009


I wonder if the Jewish “special interest” groups are still getting funding. Shouldn't they be removed as well given funding they provide for the inequal war they rage in their homeland?

Submitted by techocratic at 8:54 AM Thursday, April 02 2009


You gotta love this story…Losing funding due to a big mouth. Beautiful.

Submitted by liability at 8:46 AM Thursday, April 02 2009

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other special interest groups that should have their funding cancelled. All in all, this is a good decision though.

Submitted by Lasher500 at 8:21 AM Thursday, April 02 2009

So if the Minister…

did not act within the law or fairness why was the injunction denied. Something does not compute. Either the government is within the law or not. That's why judges adjudicate.

Submitted by hollinm at 7:55 AM Thursday, April 02 2009

not a duty

Since when did group funding which is really charity given to a group become a contract between these groups and the Government.If the LAW has a place here then all funding to every group by the government should stop at once.

Submitted by libra91 at 7:08 AM Thursday, April 02 2009

This is welcome news

The Federal government should not be in the business of propping up special interest groups, deemed terrorist or not. I hope this is the first in a long series of cuts. If you're not selfsustaining, then time to look for a new job. We cannot afford to fund hobby industry.

Submitted by superpeach at 6:35 AM Thursday, April 02 2009