May 15, 2009; VIEWS : Instead Of Asian Heritage Month, How About St. George’s Month ; Dethrone Kings of Fraud ; Remember Previous Tamil Refugee Claimants ; Canada Cannot Look After The World


Hmm. An Asian Heritage MONTH??? We have Victoria DAY !!! Has Canada been turned upside down? How about a St. Georges MONTH to celebrate the trifling contributions that the British made to Canada? (And how about an equivalent for French Canada and our First Nations?)

After all, as for the British, they did such trivial things like winning the War of 1812, which secured our independence from the US. Or were there a lot of Asians at the Battle of Queenston Heights? Was it General Brock or General Wong? Was it Laura Secord or Surrinder Sihota? I cant remember now, probably because the history textbooks in school have been revised to fabricate a past that never happened. The purpose of historiography in Canada, after all, is not to seek the truth, but to make minorities feel good about themselves. And, of course, it must invest Anglo and French Canadians with an unquenchable guilt that can only be expiated by their cultural suicide. But who cares? The British were just one of three founding groups, and of course, those building blocks are expendable.—-G.D.



I immigrated to Canada 5 years ago. I decided to open my own business. More than $ 800,000 was invested by me and my partner who is an immigrant too. We have employed more than 8 people till now.

I love this country, and I pay my taxes, and I have suffered a lot to establish myself. So why does Canada allow so many other people to come here for a maximum of one month, get their Permanent Resident card, and 3 years later they come back, fake a lot of documents to show that they have been living here, and get Canadian citizenship.Then they go back to their home country, enjoying all the protection Canada provides to its citizens. Not only that, they collect child tax benefits and they get away with doing that. They do all of this with the help of people who call themselves Immigration Consultants. These people have licensed offices and collect high fees for faking documents like school reports, leases, etc,

Two years ago, I came to know about one of those people. I contacted the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and I reported the person’s name and contacts. Two years later, I am shocked that the immigration consultant is still doing the same job. Hundreds of people have used his service to obtain Canadian Citizenship. Many more will do so in future. I personally know more than 10 people who have never lived here but they are Canadians now. If the CBSA just goes through his files and investigates, they will find that none of those ten people have lived in Canada or are living here now. So why should I pay my taxes and suffer, while many others just enjoy the benefits? Why does the Canada Border Services Agency not care ? Why did Citizenship and Immigration not check the documents this and many other immigration consultants sent to them? Why does the CBSA not correct this very serious violation of Canadian law?

Please!!! This issue needs to be looked at. I suspect tens of thousands of immigrants have done this and gotten away with it. One of the immigration consultants involved in this is the King of Fraud. And he is just one of many. Please help in protecting our country. —–M. E.



So the Tamils now want to bring in more refugees?

Well, before Canada walks down that road yet again, let’s recall what has happened in the last 20 years.

The Tamils have been one of the largest groups of refugee claimants in that time. Others have been the Chinese, Indians, Somalis and Pakistanis. Mexicans have joined the game in large numbers in the past few years. Over 700,000 people have made refugee claims here since 1989 !!! Because of Canada’s generous and gullible refugee system, the majority have been successful. Subsequently, successful claimants have sponsored large numbers of relatives, so the number of immigrants, attributable directly and indirectly to refugee claims, is several million.

Supposedly, in order to qualify as a refugee, a person has to be fleeing for one’s life and be unable to return to one’s country of origin. Yet, every year, thousands of the Tamil refugee claimants actually went back to Sri Lanka regularly. So, what was going on?

Well, to most Canadians, the answer is that many of the Tamil refugee claimants were committing fraud and should have had their claims thrown out. But that was not done. And so, today, a very large percentage of the Tamils, as well as a large percentage of the other large refugee claimant groups, are here either directly or indirectly because of fraud.

Is that what Canadians are supposed to celebrate in so-called Asian Heritage Month?

If we are to take recent murmuring from our Department of Citizenship and Immigration seriously, it seems that Canada is about to be taken for another ride by the Tamils.

Wake up, Mr. Kenney, and your department !! When is this naivete and stupidity going to end?—-T.C.



Let me start by saying that I’m an isolationist. I believe that as much as possible a country should mind its business and avoid foreign entanglements. If an intervention in the affairs of a foreign country is at all necessary, Canada should participate in it only as part of a multilateral effort blessed by the UN.

When it comes to foreign affairs, there seem to be 4 types of people in Canada. There is a large majority which takes scant interest in foreign affairs and knows very little about the world outside North America. Then there are Jews and immigrants who have a keen interest in one foreign country and who think that the rest of us should support that foreign country or a faction within it. Thirdly, there is an elite of busybodies who think that every foreign problem should also be our problem and who vastly
overestimate Canada’s capacity to influence events abroad. Finally, there is a tiny minority, to which I belong, that takes an interest in foreign affairs but believes that Canada should not get involved in foreign countries.

If Tamils in Canada are looking for support, maybe they should lobby the Indian government for support. After all, there are 60 million Tamils in South Eastern Indian and India is next door and a much greater power than Canada.

It is natural for immigrants to take an interest in the country of their origin. Nobody should hold it against the Tamils in Canada if they support the Tamils in Sri Lanka, including the Tamil Tigers. However, they should not expect the rest of us to put Sri Lanka on our agenda. If we have to do that for every country from which people emigrated to Canada, then we would be a very busy lot indeed.

If Harper had frankly stated right at the beginning that Canada would take a hands-off approach to the conflict in Sri Lanka, then the escalation of the Tamil demonstrations in Toronto would not have occurred. But this is what happens when vote-getting takes precedence over common sense.—-J.F.N.