Ministers Set Up A Violence Taskforce

Ministers set up a violence taskforce

June 13, 2009
Article from: The Australian

EDUCATION ministers meeting in Hobart have decided to set up another taskforce to protect the interests of overseas students studying in Australia.

The move follows attacks in Sydney and Melbourne on Indian students that have led to mass protests and which threaten the highly lucrative international student market.

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who is also Minister for Education, said the new International Student Taskforce would safeguard students' welfare.

“There is no tolerance for violence, no tolerance at all for any of the things we've seen happen, particularly in Victoria and NSW, in recent days,” she said.

“We want international students to come to this country and be safe and happy here.”

Ms Gillard also announced a telephone hotline that would enable students to anonymously raise concerns which would be collated and published on a website,