Stifling Free Speech Breeds Real Racism

Stifling free speech breeds real racism

Werner Patels
July 10, 2009

Its all been said before: keep people on too short a leash and dont allow them to vent, and youll cause some of them to do unspeakable things. In our day and age when so many people are called racist for merely voicing legitimate concerns they have, it is only a matter of time before some of them actually become racists – out of sheer frustration with being gagged and insulted for their opinions all the time.

Two recent events illustrate this point. The first one occurred in Canada. Three white men attacked a black man and beat him viciously, all the while they were screaming racial slurs and epithets at him. They yelled things like their town was a white town and people like the victim had no business being there.

This act of racially motivated violence is despicable. But from a psychological and sociological point of view, one can explain, not excuse, this horrible incident. An ever-growing number of Canadians – born and naturalized Canadians – are becoming more and more disillusioned about immigration and multiculturalism. For the vast majority of Canadians, the system simply isnt working anymore. But whenever decent people speak up and say that immigration, and Canadas approach to it, must be reformed, theyre shouted down, insulted and called racists and in some cases even physically attacked. Even worse: they may become the victims of a government-sponsored witch hunt, courtesy of Canadas own system of kangaroo courts, the human rights commissions. A small and tiny number of frustrated Canadians may, indeed, be radicalized by such oppression suffered at the hands of society and government. Eventually, the level of their radicalization may reach a point where they act on impulse and do actual physical harm to those they perceive as intruders or interlopers.

The actions of those three men in British Columbia were wrong, and it is to be hoped that they will not only be convicted of aggravated assault but also sent down to jail for many years once the hate-crime charge is tacked on. No matter how exasperated one might be, there is absolutely no excuse for allowing ones animal instincts to take over – and act on them. However, this most recent episode should also serve as an important lesson to government, because the radicalization of those three men is in large part the direct result of governments constant attempts to force political correctness on everyone and muzzling or ostracizing anyone who doesnt comply.

In Europe, things are hardly any different. As a matter of fact, the populations radicalization is already much further ahead than in Canada. This has to do with the European Unions nonsense of open borders, which has resulted in a veritable explosion of violent and murderous crimes committed by Eastern Europeans in places such as Austria, Germany, Britain, France and elsewhere in Western Europe in recent years. The surprise victory of so many anti-immigration parties in the recent European elections right across the entire continent is proof of peoples frustration.

Legitimate concerns must be listened to, not condemned or ridiculed

In Germany, an Egyptian woman who had filed a complaint against a Russian who had called her a terrorist on account of wearing a hijab was stabbed to death by the man in a German courtroom. From what is known, the woman had absolutely nothing to do with terrorists and was, for all intents and purposes, the kind of immigrant any country would be more than happy to have. But just as the victim in British Columbia was made to pay a heavy price for the sins of his group of people, this poor woman, too, was made to suffer for the mistakes made by others.

Without exaggerating the situation, almost every German or Austrian has horror stories to tell – almost daily. When they ask politely that, say, a group of Turkish youngsters stop terrorizing everyone else in a public park, those hoodlums usually reply by saying, You be quiet. We soon take over and kick all of you out. This country now belongs to us. Usually when those incidents are recounted in the media, those Germans or Austrians who want to live in clean and safe neighbourhoods are then branded racists by the bleeding-heart lefties that dominate the media. More and more, its members of the Turkish and Muslim communities in those countries and in other parts of Western Europe that are saying such things and threatening the local population with the eventual destruction of their way of life – almost as if they were hell-bent on fomenting strife in the hopes of being attacked so that they can portray themselves as victims of racists.

If every person were of perfect mental and emotional health, none of that would ever escalate to disaster and tragedy. But it only takes one or a handful of people to commit really atrocious acts. The Russian man in Germany acted alone, yet he destroyed the lives of an entire family (the womans husband was shot by mistake in the melee in the courtroom). There is no doubt, however, that he was driven to calling every Arab-looking person a terrorist and eventually taking an innocent life by the nonchalance with which the very real problems stemming from immigration and multiculturalism are always shrugged off. That he was hauled before a court for offending someone didnt help either. In all fairness, he should have never been found guilty of giving offence to the woman for calling her a terrorist. There is no right not to be offended. By filing a complaint against him over words, she came to represent the dark side of immigration: the immigrant who will use the slightest offence to turn it into a big, primetime news affair in order to play the victim – and to cow the local and native population into submission.

Both Europe and Canada receive way too many immigrants that should have never been approved. Naturally, those bad apples are causing a lot of problems, giving all immigrants a bad name. It is rarely those bad apples who are attacked or even killed, but almost always some innocent bystander. As some sociologists have been saying for decades, if the foreign content of a society exceeds 20 per cent, it will be just a matter of time before serious conflict is created – especially if immigrants are not forced to integrate into the mainstream, but allowed to build ethnic ghettos instead.