Bogeyman Of Racism A Useful Decoy For The Growth Lobby


By Tim Murray

The nationally-publicized assault of a 38 year-old black man in Courtenay, B.C. by three young white thugs was predictably amplified by a media eager to sound the siren of politically correct paranoia. According to them and their supporters, there was racism under every bed!

When Mayor Greg Phelps of Courtenay failed to comply with a PC injunction to support a feel good anti-discrimination rally that he found substantially meaningless and overblown, an activist of self-righteous disgust raised the specter of rampant subterranean racism. According to the activist, “You may not see it, but trust me, its here, there and everywhere! Courtenay may project the image of placid tolerance, but scratch the surface, and its a town in the Jim Crow South.” The mayor, he said, was just the tip of the iceberg. And it's not about the three young white men either. Theres got to be a large peer group who shares their racist views. And dont forget racism begins at home. These men obviously have parents. And these parents have peers too. The implication? Lets find them and root them out!

How inconvenient it was then, when it was later learned that the three aggressors subsequently attacked a white man. One wonders what words they applied to taunt him. Was it fatso, gimp, four eyes, baldy or fag? If so, would it indicate that they were motivated by a hatred of obese, handicapped, bespectacled, hairless or gay people? Or would it simply reveal that their despicable aggression in both assaults was more accurately the result of three 16 year-old punks spoiling for a fight and looking for any handle or epithet to goad their victim and get under his skin? Faced with this new evidence, the PC media and their activist supporters should have told the public about the second incident and offered an apology for the gross bungling in their reports, but they have said nothing.

This media alarmism and rent-a-crowd fury recalls the outrageous claim made by former Minister for Multiculturalism, Hedy Fry. She claimed that racism had reached such a fever pitch that they were burning crosses in Prince George (BC). That too was ridiculous hyperbole and a blatant lie. Prince George was no more a racist hotbed than Courtenay is today.

However, for the immigration industry, these kind of charges serve an extremely important purpose. They stoke up a hyper-sensitivity about racism and divert attention from important issues. They also create an atmosphere of social intimidation that now greets anyone who dares to criticize the state policies of mass immigration and official multiculturalism.

And as we have seen in Canada and elsewhere, racial vilification laws and the revision of history are the logical complement to them. The need to suppress and punish “odious views” is thought necessary to smother any potential challenge to the corporate agenda of growing the economy by growing the population. Hysteria inflates the demand for more restrictions on contrarian speech and the ethnic cleansing of textbooks. All of this is done to ensure that Canadas immigration selection criteria and Canada's role as the country with the highest net per capita immigration intake in the world continue. Ethnic harmony must come at the cost of free speech.

As a result, free speech can no longer be regarded as the very condition and pre-requisite of all other rights. But in the classic Canadian light, it is merely one right to be weighed against others in determining the public interest.

The new and greatest public interest, according to parts of the liberal-left, is Cultural diversity. Ironically, this is also the clarion call of parts of the right. To the corporate elite, “cultural diversity” is a sweet-sounding syrup to coat the bitter pill of naked profit and greed—and the environmental degradation that comes with it. Big banks, developers and cheap labour employers fly its banner as a smokescreen to obscure their efforts to expand the labour pool and recruit more homebuyers. Immigration is openly promoted as a life-preserver for the shipwrecked home mortgage and home building industry by the Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia Bank and other credit institutions. Cultural diversity is the flavour of the month for a group that will sacrifice anything to improve their balance sheet.

The corporate elite are unable to see that their actions are fragmenting a once cohesive society. They are primarily interested in weakening opposition to their aims. They want to stifle intellectual diversity. And although they like to mouth green platitudes, real environmental issues such as biological diversity are of no importance to them.

For good measure, school textbooks, and history itself, have been revised to advance the new state religion of MulticulturalismCanadas Ingsoc. The past has been replaced with politically correct falsehoods of the present. For example, the Chinese Head Tax and the Exclusion Act, together with the Komagata Maru incident, now form the centerpiece of White Guilt 101. This course never looks at the historical context of these events, but assigns retroactive blame on working people and politicians whose main objective was simply to defend wages and living standards from cheap imported labour. No mention is made, for example, that Chinese exclusion was “Chinese Cheap Labourer Exclusion” and did not apply to Chinese students, diplomats or merchants. Some kind of racism that.

But making the case about the bogeyman of racism plays right into the PC game-plan. That is, it draws us into a verbal maelstrom on race, and diverts us from critical issues such as sustainability, which should be our primary concern. The discussion should not be about, for example, how people in our lifeboat treat each other, but, among a number of things, how many passengers the boat can carry sustainably past the tumultuous storms of peak oil, peak water and peak everything that loom over the horizon. The relationship between humans is secondary to the relationship of humans to nature and the resources it provides.

HMCS Canada is a lifeboat, not an aircraft carrier. It is not a vast and boundless land begging for more people to unlock a treasure trove of limitless resources, but a big little land in ecological terms. As The Science Council of Canada said in its 1976 watershed report , the size of a country “is not a dominant factor when so much of is desert and rock, swept by winter's wind”. In reality, Canada is a nation of frozen tundra, short growing seasons, mined out and marginal soil. It is a place where 20% of its best farmland has been recently paved over and the rest is under threat from continuing sprawl and the impending loss of oil-based fertilizers. It is a ship hurtling toward the iceberg of overshoot with politicians on the bridge who think that picking up more passengers from foreign lands in order to get more votes is the greatest goal.

It is in this context that the crusade of anti-racism in Courtenay, B.C. and elsewhere in Canada must be seen. The bogeyman is the sand that is thrown in our face to get us off our game—-stopping growth. And growth is no bogeyman. It is here and it is killing us.


This bulletin was written by Tim Murray.