Obama Shelving Amnesty For Now

Obama 'shelving' amnesty for now?

By Chad Groening
One News Now, August 28, 2009

Illegal aliens waiting for workA former Congressman who now heads a Colorado-based think tank is encouraged by the recent town hall meetings on healthcare reform that have sent a message to the president that the people oppose his agenda. He believes that sentiment also applies to the immigration issue.

When he was a member of Congress, Tom Tancredo led the charge to rein in illegal immigration, and helped defeat the efforts to pass an unpopular amnesty bill in 2007. Now he is watching as current members of Congress have been feeling the heat from the American people on another unpopular proposal, the government takeover of the U.S. healthcare system.

So Tancredo, who now runs The Rocky Mountain Foundation, says he is pleased that the bruising battle over healthcare has compelled the president to announce earlier this month that he plans to shelve the amnesty issue until 2010.

'I do believe that the administration is petrified, absolutely petrified of actually addressing this issue in the open. Isn't that amazing? They're willing to try to take on cap and trade, raising taxes dramatically for everybody in the cap and trade. They're willing to take over a sixth of the economy on healthcare. They're willing to take over General Motors, essentially, and Chrysler. They're willing to do all that,' he notes. 'And yet they are absolutely unwilling to face the issue of immigration and amnesty. This is really good Tom Tancredo news.'

According to Tancredo, many members of Congress know that they will be 'taken to the woodshed' by the voters next year if they pass amnesty at a time of recession and high unemployment.