Immigrant Baby Boom ‘Costs 1Bn’

Immigrant baby boom 'costs 1bn'

September 7, 2009

Building new schools for the “immigrant baby boom” could cost more than 1 billion, researchers found.

More than 50,000 extra places will be needed at primary schools for the children of parents born outside the UK.

In five years they will boost primary school entry in England and Wales to its highest level for 16 years.

Research by think-tank Migrationwatch UK found an estimated 1 billion will be needed for 270 new schools to educate the youngsters, as well 200 million a year to run them.

The study was carried out for the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration.

MPs Nicholas Soames and Frank Field, who chair the group, said “uncontrolled immigration” was increasing pressure on public services.

They called on ministers to cut immigration and prevent the population hitting 70 million.

“This research illustrates how uncontrolled immigration is directly affecting ordinary families,” they said.

“The government has clearly failed to plan for the consequences of the mass immigration they have permitted.”

They added: “Today's research highlights primary school places but the same applies to health, housing and other services.”