Promises May Be Even Harder To Keep Next Year

Promises May Be Even Harder to Keep Next Year

By Steven T. Dennis and Emily Pierce
Roll Call (Washington, DC)
September 14, 2009

Democrats were swept into power in 2009 vowing to deliver change, but they have found those promises hard to keep and fear next year will prove even more challenging.

Despite having control of the White House and Congress, internal divisions and partisan rifts tripped up Democrats' early legislative priorities such as health care reform and climate change. And many fear the hangover from 2009 will stretch way into 2010, particularly as the midterm elections loom.
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Having the immigration reform debate in an election year 'is one of the great unknowns,' the second senior Senate Democratic aide said. While the aide noted that it's 'definitely something we want to do,' a decision on whether to have the fight will likely depend on how much pressure the Hispanic community puts on Democrats as well as how the overall political landscape looks for the majority, the aide said.

The House has deferred to the Senate on immigration, preferring not to put their Members on the record without the certainty that something will emerge at the end.

The second House aide called the issue 'toxic.'

'I just think there is no way Members are going to be comfortable voting for that,' the aide said.
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