More Asylum Seekers To Norway

More asylum seekers to Norway

The Norway Post, October 15, 2009

Image So far this year 13,379 asylum seekers have arrived in Norway. This is nearly as many as for the whole of last year, when around 14,400 applied for asylum. 1612 applied in September alone.

This is 66 more than in September last year, according to fresh figures from the Immigration Directorate (UDI).

Around 14 per cent of the asylum seekers classify themselves as single minors.

Of the near 14,000 asylum seekers who have arrived this year, 24 per cent come from Afghanistan, 15 per cent from Eritrea, 11 per cent from Somalia and 7 per cent from Iraq.

By the end of August UDI had processed around 8,600 applications. Around 60 per cent of these were turned down because they were already registered as asylum seekers in another European country.

Norway's expenses in connection with asylum reception centers, immigration and integration will next year amunt to NOK 11.5 billion, according to the proposed budget for 2010. This is an increase by NOK 2 billion compared with this year.